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Diplomacy Poland way (Political)
Posted 2 years ago by


This time short political article, my personal opinion about current situation. Do not mix it with countries position.


Single country fights for their own interests.

Country with alliance fights as a team and fights under alliance meeting/SC orders. If country doesn't agree, they can tell that in alliance meeting before decisions are made.

If there's a change in any country pl0ns, country informs about that their alliance in the first place. Before actions are made.

Sequence of events

1. Every VVV country, as it happens after every CP elections, had a meeting, where we discussed our failures, possibilities and future pl0ns.
2. In this meeting we decided (unanimously) to left Germany-Slovenia-Italy war a prio for 1-2 weeks, decide what we do next (just before rebels week). Poland had some pl0ns, but none of them was nothing even close to serious pl0n. Summary - everyone decides, what we want and meet again after few weeks.
3. Lithuania, Germany and other countries fight in Italy war as they can, all prio's in those battles.
4. Poland attacks Romania (no warning, no discussion)*.
5. kermit100 wites to Lithuania CP "Why you don't DoW Romania? Why don't fight in RO battles?".
6. LT CP offers to ask PL CP why LT fights in Italy battles. No one should give tactical information to random guys **.
7. And there we go...

How can this guy can tell what to do to CP? Even without introducing himself.

Even better

* At least for me that means - they don't need alliance help + they will help in alliance battles to keep their agreements.

** Pardon me, but who is kermit100 ? Just some random guy? GOV enemy? Traitor? Spy? Looks like it. Because if he would be in GOV, he would know answer to his question. I don't believe any responsible person would answer about actual reasons. Alliance secrets goes from leaders to random guys, not the opposite way.

My 2 simple questions:

1. Who is Poland CP?
2. Is this NAP valid?

By the way, none of PL representatives are in ally chat now. Looks like one more back-stab is coming

super lazy PandaLT

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Comments (53)
28-09-2016 10:43:43
(2 years ago)

Nice one

24-09-2016 21:27:05
(2 years ago)


22-09-2016 18:08:52
(2 years ago)


22-09-2016 17:50:54
(2 years ago)

Mr Keksas God no, but mighty Norway is/was. Only RO for the h*es/dmg

22-09-2016 14:10:53
(2 years ago)

Eldkraft, RO is a part of LOTS?

22-09-2016 12:29:39
(2 years ago)

LOTS aint dead Gunny, we ran over FR not so long ago. Lots is probably the last real Alliance that was based on friendship and not on greed and being total douchebag chicken (like most today)

22-09-2016 11:57:20
(2 years ago)

Back in my days, dead no-good nub alliance L.O.T.S. would help each others without thinking or hesitation, why? Coz we all were deleted and had nothing to lose

I miss the good old days.

22-09-2016 11:43:01
(2 years ago)

we fight hard against SE everyday

wow, so tough, much cool, will laugh later

On this server everyone likes the status quo . No one wants to maintain the intrigue of the game. Its sad((


22-09-2016 9:38:06
(2 years ago)

On this server everyone likes the status quo . No one wants to maintain the intrigue of the game. Its sad((

22-09-2016 5:54:50
(2 years ago)


22-09-2016 5:37:55
(2 years ago)


22-09-2016 4:13:28
(2 years ago)


22-09-2016 2:14:58
(2 years ago)

really glad to hear that someone still remembers me
tnx rajko21
not dead yet
so as China
we fight hard against SE everyday

21-09-2016 21:18:10
(2 years ago)

lel, ale burza

21-09-2016 20:54:32
(2 years ago)

Blackadder u have any popcorn ?

I'm on kermit100 's side, whatever he did, it's right

Let's read the article and the comments xD

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