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[TOOL] History & Calculator - Damage (Statistics)
Posted 3 years ago by


By Imzdx & MieCzySlawny
MieCzySlawny = ZlyDuch

I think it's very simple tool and it don't need explanation / manual, but, remember! The larger data range = longer page loading!

Supported servers: Primera & Europa
Why? I'm active playing on these servers + i don't have money for bigger and faster server (data with battles from primera takes ~ 3GB)
maybe in the future...

And... pls don't torture my server by downloading data via preg_match etc. If u need sth i will give u it in more friendly way.

And We would like to remind about our first tool for e-Sim which has been refreshed.

By Imzdx & MieCzySlawny
Special thanks Namir_Pl
MieCzySlawny = ZlyDuch

Supported servers: All...

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Comments (20)
12-08-2015 15:02:46
(3 years ago)

@QoaBunnY, maybe in next month i will add this, but i'm nothing promises.

Dzejkob, wiem, ale w sumie to nie wiem, musiałbym sprawdzić dlaczego w bazie zamiast white mam brown, ale mi się nie chce

@FMSK3E, show Decisive Impact is impossible for me now, i don't have data about every single hit/berserk and time (too large data).
BH are possible and i will add this in future

12-08-2015 14:56:33
(3 years ago)

teamBrown teamBrown teamBrown teamBrown teamBrown

12-08-2015 14:23:14
(3 years ago)


12-08-2015 13:06:25
(3 years ago)

My kind of players V+S

11-08-2015 23:04:12
(3 years ago)

well done
btw, you still have some work like to upgrade that
Like to see top BH Players maybe ?
Or maybe highest dmg what got bh and min ?
Or BH s per day ?

11-08-2015 18:35:10
(3 years ago)

Great job!

11-08-2015 11:37:36
(3 years ago)

It seems very nice

11-08-2015 10:43:22
(3 years ago)

Just sad we can't see BH/Decisive Impact, but awesome job dude.

11-08-2015 8:45:32
(3 years ago)


11-08-2015 2:31:13
(3 years ago)

wołcik się należy

11-08-2015 1:03:26
(3 years ago)

as always, good job dude !

10-08-2015 23:42:22
(3 years ago)

Okay, I didn't have ~80 battles, now they are.
It is still a difference, but it's only 300K, it may delete battle or today(?) dmg.

Thanks for this bug

+ there are 3 undeleted, closed battles

10-08-2015 23:17:58
(3 years ago)

You're right, I checked the ID battles and their amount, something was missing. I'll look for this

10-08-2015 23:02:10
(3 years ago)

Not sure if its a bug or simular but im not getting the right damage after the Primera reset
My result
Somewhere, 15M damage have been lost. Not much, but you maybe wanted to know.

Great work!

Edit: i had by date at first, but it´s no difference

10-08-2015 22:57:55
(3 years ago)


I must add, the battles are downloading several times a day, but only those that are already closed, so some battles will appear with a delay!

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