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Maximum Security Top Secret SC

Ioannis IV

Chairman (CEO)
Total Shares:396
Estimated value:
1789.97 Gold (Details | Refresh)
Estimated value per share:
4.52 Gold
Daily shares trade value:
2.86 Gold
Total shareholders:3
Total companies:3

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This is a Maximum Security Top Secret Stock Company.

Or else, Aliens WILL probe you! (If you like probing, then the Aliens WILL NOT probe you because it would be too awkward, therefore you would end up staring each other without something to say, more awkward so, GO AWAY.)

Awesome News, Fellow Humans!

There are 49 seats available, just for the Selected few Elite Players that will be benefited with specific traits.

Those are:
α. Monetary Gain from the Exploitation of Humanity's Wealth
and Resources, as a result of Superior Knowledge, Strength,
Technology and Intelligence.

β. Experiments are NOT Preformed on the Elite.

γ. Special Possitions and Territories after the Occupation of Earth.

δ. A Seat in a Star Ship for the End of Days Scenario.

(In Case of Friends and Family, you have to buy Extra Seats.)

To Every Other Earthling, enjoy your small lifespan!


Stock price:


Type Status Time
Issue shares Accepted 1 day ago
Poll Accepted 2 days ago
Pay dividend Accepted 5 days ago
Pay dividend Accepted 5 days ago
Pay dividend Accepted 6 days ago

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Citizen Role
Ioannis IV CEO
Ioannis IV Company manager
Ioannis IV Supply manager
Ioannis IV Accountant


Company Type Location
Present GR! q1 Q1 Gift
Greece - Thrace
Stone Company! q1 Wood
Austria - Burgenland-Carynthia
Top Secret Weaponry q1 Q1 Weapon
USA - Western USA


- Greetings pity Humans, th...
- My Lord...
- What? Ahamm..
Greetings Fellow Humans, this is Hyper Galactic Emperor Zod!..
- My Lord, plea..
- Yeah, yeah .. huh.. This is Ioannis IV!
Ioannis IV (CEO) posted 2 months ago

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Offered shares(Ask):
Volume Price Seller
15.00 Gold
Maximum Security Top Secret SC
44 (11.11%)
23.00 Gold
Ioannis IV

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Volume Price Buyer
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Latest transactions:
Volume Price Time
20.00 Gold
4 days ago
15.00 Gold
7 days ago
0.26 Gold
1 month ago
2.00 Gold
2 months ago
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Volume Citizen
391 (98.74%)
Ioannis IV
3 (0.76%)
2 (0.51%)

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