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Just Wow (Political)
Posted 11 months ago by
Asuka Langley Soryu    

You know, I gotta say...

The US was pretty stupid for not joining NWD and giving Snoop and Shep their opportunity to finally act out the vendetta they have with the United States. I've reamed our Congress pretty good.

But, you know, it wasn't even three months ago I spent thousands of our own Gold to liberate the UK and protect Mexico. Not even as members of NWD, but just as friends at a time when you needed friends.

America was pretty dumb for not taking your hand in friendship.

But at least they were not so craven and cowardly as to be hiding a dagger up their sleeve.

Is it really any wonder they would not trust you?

How contemptible.


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Comments (27)
23-05-2017 12:09:59
(11 months ago)

Sorry, reo_ , but if you're going to be dumb I'm going to be dumb right back at you. ^_^

You didn't think you had a monopoly on dumb retorts, did you?

22-05-2017 19:21:55
(11 months ago)

smh Asuka Langley Soryu | here

22-05-2017 7:19:47
(11 months ago)

reo_ , lolno im rite haha i win pwnd noob rotfl

20-05-2017 19:08:52
(11 months ago)

Asuka Langley Soryu Fair enough, you're entitled to your opinion, but good to know I was right.

20-05-2017 10:39:36
(11 months ago)

egzo6 , ooooh. I see what you're saying. Yeah, Mushy likes to say that kind of nonsense a lot but, really, if we needed to get permission from China to make Foreign Policy decisions, I wouldn't have proposed to join NWD in the first place. Your reasoning does not add up.

All this really goes to show is that those who were our enemies have more respect for us than our friends, so I suppose we could say 'good riddance to bad friends'.

Oh well.

Selling Q1 UK (slightly used)

20-05-2017 10:15:12
(11 months ago)

Nah it's just facial expression reo
Asuka Langley Soryu
Look what SensationCorona wrote, just saying if You ever wanted to join Evo You gotta ask ubw for permission this is litterally what i mean xD

20-05-2017 6:18:01
(11 months ago)

I'm sad, NWD is not what I was before, it's not why I always fight, it's not at first with the help of others we founded, NWD It's not what i love, and that should change u.u

20-05-2017 5:38:45
(11 months ago)

egzo6 , I think you're confusing Evo with UBW cause that didn't make any sense, man. ^^

chillyzeis , there was no misunderstanding. Shepherd and Snoop are my friends, but they are angry with some people in the US. They are dragging their alliance and the UK into some very dangerous territory to satisfy their personal vendetta.

Shep is literally cashing in all his chips, just to make this happen. He doesn't care how this might effect Mexico, Canada or the UK down the line, because he literally just wants to invade the US and then quit. NWD is incredibly stupid to have listened to someone who does not care about their well-being.

reo_ , since we're sharing opinions, I don't think there's anything more gay than a dude who actually sits around analyzing and thinking about what I do with my d!ck, bro.

20-05-2017 2:38:59
(11 months ago)

make me feel sad?
i think always the answer is because she doesnt want hurt mine feelings
itsnt right ofc...
but it starts from a good reason.. ( she still doesnt want make me sad..)

what i wana say...
things arent always like they seem.. or we think..
always start even from the slighest good point of view..
( u cant say.. mine gf even to minimum has some +1 point for that...which is still something)

believe in people!!!!
all start from something good... but we always misuntrdstood them!!! ( like 95% of cases)

hope u got me.. or few other...

was mine moral message for today!!!

20-05-2017 2:36:15
(11 months ago)

asuka... dude... i dont always but when i do!!!
i tell the throuth... (or maybe some different point of view..)

shepard... ofc is yur friend (its just a game)
since USA ( i guess ) didnt joined his alliance ( our alliance so..)

u make that alliance think u have different plans... (u cause hostility... and i dont mean personally u... but maybe the GOV or the country)
so makes them nervous

i understand u feel it like backstab...
but i am pretty sure... life is like that xD...

i have a gf... she cheats on me...
she doesnt say anything..... (argh i am pissed..)
but why she didnt said anything?
cause she takes me for a fool?
or because she afraid she gona piss me... or

19-05-2017 19:22:21
(11 months ago)

egzo6 posted:

(ಠ ʖ̯ಠ)

Am I suppose to know what that means? | video | image

19-05-2017 16:57:19
(11 months ago)

(ಠ ʖ̯ಠ)

19-05-2017 16:47:19
(11 months ago)

egzo6 I've seen some already. They're fine, I just think they're this for men(avid watchers). We're all allowed to have our own opinions.

19-05-2017 15:37:49
(11 months ago)

i love USA

19-05-2017 15:27:53
(11 months ago)

Asuka Langley Soryu Of course before joining Evo You have to make sure China loves You, otherwise they won't let You join Evo regardless what Evo leaders think.

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