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Meet the Wizard of FP (Political)
Posted 11 months ago by
Asuka Langley Soryu    

So, the last article I wrote was probably misleading or confusing for a lot of people. I apologize for that, I was a bit miffed and didn't really have enough time to spend writing it. But I had plenty of time to think while I was at work and it occurred to me that, since I resigned the Presidency, I can explain some things that it would have been bad form for me to say as the President.

I'm not saying everyone needs to read this or should care, but if you're genuinely interested in how these things go down, I'm writing this just for you.

I think it's important people have the opportunity to understand what I'm so pissed about. Some are no doubt thinking it's because I just didn't get my way or that I'm simply being pedantic. I'm not and what went wrong here goes to the very core of how power is organized in these United States and how that has eroded to the point where I feel it has broken down.

You might be wondering why we didn't just have a nice, open discussion in the public about which alliance we should join or, indeed, if we should join any at all. This sounds like a nice idea, but the problem is that in these discussions we must honestly weigh the pros and cons of the alliance and it's members.

For example, in my opinion Poland is often more of a liability than it's worth as an ally. They draw a lot of fire from other countries, so they frequently need defending but their political scene is often chaotic and it's difficult to know when the winds will shift and when Poland will say 'lolfu' to someone. It's important that decision makers be able to have honest conversations like this, however having that conversation in public can obviously really piss off these potential allies and the last thing you want to do when joining a new alliance is to step on a bunch of toes in the process. Therefore, the process must be opaque to everyone but they who are making the decisions.

In most countries, this is not so much of a problem because most countries, especially large, successful ones, power structures operate fundamentally differently than we have operated in the United States. In the United States, we place a lot of emphasis on the democratic process and the checks-and-balances method of Governance. This is good, because it helps to assure that the President isn't ripping everyone off and is genuinely serving the interests of those who elected him. However, this tends to be very inefficient in a strategic sense and can result in quite a bit of dithering as Congress bickers among itself.

Elsewhere, eSim is approached as a war game first with all else taking a backseat. Therefore, they tend to organize by delegating full authority to the President to act as they see fit with their Congresses deferring to the President. If they decide the President is wrong or not doing the right thing, they just impeach him or engage a Civil War.

The solution we came up with, as a means of ensuring public confidence while not wasting too much time screwing around with a bunch of roleplay nonsense or grandstanding, is that I generally behave like a dictator but instead of asserting my own will, I quickly assess the mood of the people or Congress, as seems appropriate, and dictatorially execute what I believe their will is.

This is quite a clever solution and it has worked remarkably well, up to this point, but it has one fatal flaw.

If Congress devolves to such a point where I cannot correctly ascertain what it's thinking, then we're back to a standard representative Democracy. This has been in the process for some time and I have been increasingly frustrated with not being able to get a clear answer from any but an ever decreasing number of Congresspersons.

This has finally come to a head and failed in the most spectacular possible way.

This might not have seemed like such a big deal, but proposing to join and then Congress failing to pass a proposal to join a coalition is *the* cardinal sin of Foreign Policy. This may be much ado about nothing, but what it signals to everyone in the world is that we just spat in the face of those people who were calling us 'friend' and gives anyone who might have been interested in us joining otherwise a very good reason to reconsider. Any nation that might feel like it has a score to settle with us can rest assured that this is their best chance to catch us alone.

For that reason alone, everyone in Congress should have voted 'Yes' to the proposal.

Whatever you think the risks and pitfalls of joining NWD, that decision can be reversed.

But you can't get this much blood back out of the water.

Like I said, this might not end up being a problem but that does not change what an incredible f*** up this was and demonstrated everything wrong with how Congress now functions, or more accurately, how it does not function. There are too many players who did not engage at all. If you're in Congress, you damn well need to be available for these kind of things and you better damn well ask enough questions to develop an opinion and make that opinion known. The President can't do his job if the Congress is a silent monolith.

KenRath quite rightly pointed out in the comments of my previous article that he gave up on trying to request access to the Congressional forums. This is a known problem. (However, Ken, that does not excuse that you have not attempted to request access in over a year and there's no reason you can't get on Discord, or IRC or even send me a f***ing PM. That's on you, dude.)

Other experienced players, who should damn-well know better, abstained or 'voted their conscience' (or, in one case, outright tried to start a riot) all put their personal feelings ahead of what they should understand to be a massive security liability. What a bunch of roleplaying crap.

So, no. I'm not upset that we didn't do the thing I wanted to do.

I'm upset that those who had thoughts that should and would influence my decision on this failed to make those known to me and I'm upset that Congress got so caught up in trying to play 'Real Life, Big Boy Congress' they forgot whose interests they're elected to serve.

But none of that is my problem anymore, because I will put up with a lot of bulls*** for America but I will be be god-f***ing-d***ed if I'm going to try to play Anne Sullivan to a Congress that's been struck blind, deaf and dumb.

All my love, forever (even now),

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Comments (11)
18-05-2017 10:22:48
(11 months ago)

We understand things can get frustrating trying to herd a group of moronic cats but there are absolutely better ways than putting them in a bag and throwing them in the river because you want to wash your hands of the situation.

18-05-2017 10:20:04
(11 months ago)

It was absolutely an ultimatum because your proposed vote was for YES even though there are some who, you already know, will inevitably vote NO. If it was just a regular vote then why did you resign when it was rejected? We didnt drop the faking ball when we didnt REALLY REALLY REALLY want to join NWD in the first place. What wouldve been gained with more discussion then? If we kept saying NO then the result wouldve been the same. So why act out and resign because half of congress doesnt support the proposal?

This is the situation you handed to us in my perspective. You forced out a vote that you explicitly wanted to be enacted. We voted no, and you resigned announcing to everyone that USA isnt in a good condition. Why do you think we wont be a little bit salty about what you did? Lack of activity is not equal to openly resigning and cussing everyone else in terms of optics towards other countries. If what you did was righteous and well intentioned how come we are in this arguing.

18-05-2017 7:18:41
(11 months ago)

It wasn't an ultimatum vote, it was just a regular vote.

Congress had every opportunity to discuss it and everyone who had anything to say had already said it.

I mean, honestly, you're suggesting that I should have done what? Wait around until Congress decided Foreign Policy was worth discussing, even though I'd already sent out engraved invitations?

I am assigning blame, because your institution dropped the f***ing ball. Period.

18-05-2017 6:40:37
(11 months ago)

Im not trying to assign who to blame here but putting an ultimatum vote because no one is talking about it IS NOT THE WAY TO GO.

18-05-2017 6:32:09
(11 months ago)

iamreyche , yeah. No f***ing s*** I didn't get all of Congress' input.

I did, however, attempt to do so and found that Congress didn't seem to have much of anything to say. I obviously wanted a discussion on the matter, since I opened a discussion on the forum and on Discord and shouted directing all Congressmen to go and discuss it.

I mean, I don't know how to break this to you but this really was not the first time Congress failed to engage meaningfully in a discussion about something that they probably should have.

And, P.S. it's not my responsibility to wrangle Congress into doing their responsibility and I went above and beyond by doing all the wrangling I bothered to to.

18-05-2017 6:06:03
(11 months ago)

Asuka Langley Soryu Oh so youre worried about optics? Then why let them see the CP acting out and threatening to resign for a declined vote while announcing to the world how everyone else f*cked up for voting No.

You know full well that you will never get the entire congress' input on anything at best you can have the 5-6 people to read it and half of that to respond. But you dont really need the entire congress to discuss on it because the ones who really fully knows about the situations have already disagreed. Besides votes can be lobbied just as easily.

So if your point was that there was not conversation then why make the proposal into an ultimatum? If you wanted a discussion on the matter we couldve totally opened up the topic again to discuss where everyone can explain why they voted against it. That is, if you felt that there wasnt enough talk. Why, does it have to be such an over reaction.

18-05-2017 5:51:27
(11 months ago)

iamreyche , but here in reality if other countries get offended that is our problem.

You can argue what should or should not be all day, but at the end of that day you are still only arguing against reality.

You were 'rushed' into a vote, because it had been 48 hours and there was no discussion being had. P.S. 48 hours is a flipping eternity in game.

18-05-2017 5:12:07
(11 months ago)

Why was the vote so rushed in the first place. As far as i know discussions were still on going and there were still disagreements. And the subsequent vote showed the how the current discussions were. All the active congressmen vote for NO.

Edit: and why the fuuuuuuuuuuu are we forced to vote yes for it. It is within our given rights to oppose a vote if we dont agree with it. No one wants to commit to NWD again. Besides IMO votes should be constantly reopened until we get a majority. If other countries take offense to that then that is their problem. Your handling of this situation is totally wrong IMO. There shouldnt be any pratfalls to a declined vote after 1 try if we do it right. The problem isnt that there was no conversation it was that the vote was rushed and in your eyes voting NO was bad for the country.

17-05-2017 18:26:19
(11 months ago)

As long as it's possible for Congress members to get elected with 2 votes, it's too easy for people who lack the time and commitment to get elected for the lulz.

The only way to beat that is to grow our population and activity. I don't see that happening.

16-05-2017 20:38:13
(11 months ago)

This is a reason I decided not to run. I simply didnt have the time to engage in major decisions, although im available daily by PM or Discord 24/7, I didnt want to burden the USA with an inactive congressman. Little did I know, I should have ran.
o7 Asuka.

16-05-2017 13:23:42
(11 months ago)


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