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Gates of Valhalla


Chairman (CEO)
Total Shares:22200
Estimated value:
1738.90 Gold (Details | Refresh)
Estimated value per share:
0.08 Gold
Daily shares trade value:
0.00 Gold
Total shareholders:22
Total companies:5

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La Gates of Valhalla è una compagnia per azioni è nata, da un'idea ben precisa: costituire il nucleo economico di una futura Unita Militare Internazionale, i Kings of Metal .

Per adesso la GoV prevede di garantire un dividendo dall 1% al 2% del valore stimato

La GoV oltre alla produzione e vendita dei più svariati prodotti si occupa anche di commercio degli stessi

canale in chat #GoV_SC

Stock price:


Type Status Time
Sack CEO Rejected 1 year ago
Sack CEO Rejected 1 year ago
Propose CEO Accepted 2 years ago
Sack CEO Accepted 2 years ago
Propose CEO Accepted 2 years ago

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Citizen Role
EisDealer CEO
EisDealer Accountant
gfursu Company manager
gfursu Supply manager
gfursu Accountant
EisDealer Company manager
EisDealer Supply manager
rosio89 Company manager
rosio89 Supply manager
rosio89 Accountant


Company Type Location
Easternhighland WQ1 GoV q1 Q1 Weapon
Lithuania - Lithuania Eastern highland
Great American Grain TQ1 GoV q1 Grain
Canada - Canada Pacific Coast
Great West OQ5 GoV q1 Oil
France - Great West
Great West TQ3 GoV q1 Q1 Ticket
France - Great West
Western Iran FQ3 GoV q1 Q1 Food
Iran - Western Iran


Genghis_Khan downgraded the companies and transfered the golds to Turkey via the monetary market. If you want to keep alive your SC, kick out Kartabon from the CEO seat.

EisDealer or Aldaran save the SC!!!
Mathias Rex (Citizen) posted 2 years ago

Right now there are 1,564 shares left for sale from inactive and banned company shareholders. Hurry and buy them, we won't be issuing at this price for a long time
gfursu (Staff member) posted 3 years ago

In order for banned and inactive players to be removed, we need orders of buy at estimated value. Please place buy orders
gfursu (Staff member) posted 3 years ago

I contacted game administrators for removal of shares of banned shareholders, namely: Galvaron97, GrantJonhson, and ajala97. This way dividents would end up being higher for remaining shareholdres
gfursu (Staff member) posted 3 years ago

While the previous administration did things for the company, there was 0 activity from them in the past 4-5 months, with little to none for more than a year.
They have all been dismissed and replaced
gfursu (Staff member) posted 3 years ago

I asked to the staff to sell share hold by banned and noplayng people.
No response. Fu_ck all. I play to have fun . no to fight with staff
I also ask to be banned so lets wait
marco1001 (Citizen) posted 4 years ago

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0.05 Gold
11 months ago
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1 year ago
0.20 Gold
2 years ago
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
0.29 Gold
3 years ago
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Volume Citizen
7916 (35.66%)
4767 (21.47%)
3100 (13.96%)
2554 (11.5%)
1391 (6.27%)
600 (2.7%)
391 (1.76%)
Banca dei Vizi
350 (1.58%)
200 (0.9%)
195 (0.88%)
736 (3.32%) Minor shareholders (12) Show

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