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Emp☢ris Gr☢up In©


Chairman (CEO)
Total Shares:2000
Estimated value:
5089.68 Gold (Details | Refresh)
Estimated value per share:
2.54 Gold
Daily shares trade value:
0.00 Gold
Total shareholders:12
Total companies:11

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Emp☢ris Gr☢up Ïn©

This Stock Company was founded on day 688. It was created by a group of Portugese players under the name Portugal Investment Group. Later on management team changed with the name as well. Company is having a steady growth since than and is looking forward for better profits and happy shareholders. Older articles P.i.G P.i.G ll

Emp☢ris Gr☢up has been recognized as one of the biggest and most trusted companies on the market.

Company Status:
Growing and expanding.

Dividend Policy
The company aims to grow and prosper but still share part of the profit as dividends. With open voting, shareholders will be able to choose whether they want dividend distributed or retained in company for further investments. Dividends will be paid every sunday.

Company Objective
Emp☢ris Gr☢up is fully catered towards providing shareholders with maximum returns from their investments on a most timely basis.

Current Market Affairs & Strategy
SC plans to maintain its total issued shares to 2000 for now, till further investments are deemed necessary.

Investments & Future Plans
Emp☢ris Gr☢up currently aims to make maximum utilization of all the current companies and generate maximum profit for the investors.

With better management and good control mechanisms, ultimately, Emp☢ris Gr☢up aims to be a one-stop destination for any kind of stock market investments in France and global.

Thanks for investing!

Emp☢ris management team

Stock price:


Type Status Time
Pay dividend Accepted 2 years ago
Sack CEO Rejected 2 years ago
Poll Rejected 2 years ago
Pay dividend Accepted 3 years ago
Pay dividend Accepted 3 years ago

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Citizen Role
nobch CEO
nobch Company manager
nobch Supply manager
nobch Accountant


Company Type Location
Emp☢ris Armory Il q5 Q5 Weapon
Iceland - EasternFinland
Emp☢ris Armory lll q5 Q5 Weapon
USA - Western USA
Emp☢ris Armory llll q1 Q1 Weapon
Lithuania - Lithuania Eastern highland
Emp☢ris Arm☢ry I q5 Q5 Weapon
Republic of Macedonia - Northeastern Republic of Macedonia
Emp☢ris Diam☢nds q5 Diamonds
Brazil - SoutheastOfBrazil
Emp☢ris Gifts q5 Q5 Gift
Indonesia - Sulawesi
Emp☢ris Ir☢n I q5 Iron
Lithuania - Lithuania Eastern highland
Emp☢ris Ir☢n II q5 Iron
USA - Kamchatka
Emp☢ris Ir☢n III q5 Iron
Bangladesh - Northern Areas
P.I.G Oil q5 Oil
France - Great West
P.I.G Tickets q5 Q5 Ticket
Ukraine - Eastern Ukraine


Day: 2795
Total Shares: 2000
Estimated value: 5065.06 Gold
Estimated value per share: 2.53 Gold
Pablo Emilio Escobar (Major shareholder) posted 1 year ago

Happy Valentines day lads!
nobch (CEO) posted 4 years ago

Merry Christmas and a happy new year lads!
nobch (CEO) posted 4 years ago

Celebrate this Easter with a heart filled with love and peace. Have a blessed and wonderful Easter!

nobch (CEO) posted 5 years ago

Happy new year boys!
nobch (CEO) posted 5 years ago

Emporis still looking for company manager! Please pm me if interested
nobch (CEO) posted 5 years ago

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1535 (76.75%)
399 (19.95%)
Pablo Emilio Escobar
29 (1.45%)
He Who Sees in the Dark
13 (0.65%)
10 (0.5%)
dr mosadeq
6 (0.3%)
2 (0.1%)
2 (0.1%)
Prince Marco
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