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Come to DISCORD for supps to fight in Northern Areas for Pakistan
Department of Defense posted 4 months ago

USA DoD is looking for new fighters.

We can offer you generous supply system and updated orders.

PM DoD or CP for more details.

Cheers o7
Department of Defense posted 4 months ago


Battle 1. The Bajio .

Battle 2.Northern Mexico .

Supplies for fighters are being distributed via the Discord, as well as by messaging Department of Defense , or Lord Hood .
Thank you. o7
Department of Defense posted 6 months ago

US Citizens and friends of the United States in need of supply, simply reply with your Weapon/Gift requirements and will fill A.S.A.P.

Of course, if you want Q5 Weapons, you'll need to get on Discord.

Get out there and get some!
Department of Defense posted 6 months ago

Bishoujo Senshi is signed up for the upcoming MU Cup!

If you want to rep for the US of A and the World's Most Fabulous Military Unit, feel free to join up for a day or two!

Will be doing some kind of supply for active participants, as well!
Department of Defense posted 7 months ago

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