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Don't spend damage on Havana. The RW is fine to be successful we have other plans. Instead please direct your damage towards our allies today.
Department of Defense posted 1 day ago

Supplies distribution OPEN today.

Ping LifesaverM in #strikes on USA Discord server for fastest response, or PM in-game if you don't use Discord. Open to all allies willing to fight for the US.
Department of Defense posted 2 days ago

Battle Priority: Matanzas for US

Supplies open to all willing to fight (no CS req) in #strikes on USA Discord
Department of Defense posted 5 days ago

Reminder, we are releasing the regions Ozama and El Valle back to DR please refrain from dropping a lot of damage in those battles. Please do hunt your BH medals but let's keep the heavy artillery and kitchen sinks at home today. o7
Department of Defense posted 23 days ago

Come to DISCORD for supps to fight in Northern Areas for Pakistan
Department of Defense posted 7 months ago

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