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Thanks for keep me as President. This month we have reached 200 gold (started ad 50 gold). With this capital I would like, as soon we have back or region, to make Switzerland more economically attractive. If some of you have experience in fixing the market price and deciding prices please let me know.
Furthermore since we are only a few players let me know your ideas for the futures, so we can work on them together.
Switzerland Org posted 2 years ago

Germany is attacking again.
Selling Gift at 0.18 in small amounts for fighters
Switzerland Org posted 2 years ago

Hi Switzerland, we are now approaching the end of my second mounts in charge and I'm happy to announce that we are doing well.
Switzerland Org has now about 100 gold more.
Whenever you need a good job just ask me (Aldaran).
We have to new members, sadly I had no contact with johnmacaco. But KotkaDK is doing well.
Only two thighs remains to say:
- People give your best, and if you need something I'm here
Switzerland Org posted 3 years ago

National News;
1) now that the situation is stable I can say that Switzerland is earning around 2.8 gold a day.
2) KotkaDK asked me for CS, do you know him, any problems? I would accept him since he also works in a Swiss company
Switzerland Org posted 3 years ago

Difficult to get out clear numbers but even with the Germany not keeping again the agreements, Switzerland has get some profit in the last month.
I remember you I'm offering well payed position in Swiss companies. Furthermore, the small daily production of gift q5 is offered to you at 0.182 gold, that is a very good price.
Switzerland Org posted 3 years ago

Our deal with Germany is working. The Switzerland Org is slowly getting some profit. What I will be soon able to do is offer to Swiss citizen Gift Q5 at 0.185 gold. I remember you that I can provide you a good job on the German job market.
CP Aldaran
Switzerland Org posted 3 years ago

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