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Programa Defensivo

Sistema defensivo Q5 en manos del estado colocado en sus arcas para el beneficio y defensa de la nación

Presidente de Venezuela

CP theon12
Def de Venezuela posted 2 years ago

We attacked Dominica, We tried to make an Empire from Venezuela, but the traitors for power and for the USA want to stop us. Dark and Haffaz want to stop Venezuela and make weak again.

We have open wars, but we can't fight if those inactive Venezuelans want to revoke us. They never hit for Venezuela, but want to remove us for the power.
Def de Venezuela posted 3 years ago

Turbomixer is the old account of Diana Prince ? :O
Forget the pw, but using same noob account with same picture. Not only thief, he is multimaker? Nice Haffaz, nice.
Def de Venezuela posted 3 years ago

Attention fighters.

We pays more for the mercenary hits than Columbia.
You can change back the VEFs for golds on our monetary market. Today is 80% damage day, you can earn more golds in our battles.

Refund rate: 100 VEF = 1 GOLD

Def de Venezuela
The First Order
Government and State Security Office
Def de Venezuela posted 3 years ago

Read and vote it.
Subscribe for the military news of The First Order.

First Order's Military results
Def de Venezuela posted 3 years ago


Batalla Aliado

¡Honor y lealtad es nuestra divisa!
Def de Venezuela posted 3 years ago

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