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Take a look at the Venezuelan market, invest money and products without any taxes, leave trade channels in the past and only publish the offer of your product in our market.
Venezuela Org posted 27 days ago

Selling weps q5 0.35g DM
Venezuela Org posted 28 days ago

Quisiera desde la org rendir un pequeño homenaje a Diana que enfermó con el nuevo virus esperamos pronta recuperación
Venezuela Org posted 1 month ago

Venezuelan recovery begins
Venezuela Org posted 2 months ago

Next battle is here, we can take back our regions because of our deal with Guyana president! We have non-attacking agreement!!
Battle: Western Venezuela
Bonus region: Western Venezuela
If anybody needs supply, write here --> MESSAGE
Libertad para Venezuela!!!
Venezuela President Beldo
Venezuela Org posted 5 months ago

Today we started first battle for our freedom!!
Battle: Eastern Venezuela
Bonus region: Eastern Venezuela
If anybody need supplies for fight write me here -> MESSAGE
Libertad para Venezuela!!!
President Beldo
Venezuela Org posted 5 months ago

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