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Ecuador has started a war Finally it is time to return Now I appeal to all countries that a mutual defense alliance with me will help as much as possible thank you everyone President ronq1212
Ecuador Org posted 7 months ago

Hello everyone Ecuador will be back in a while but for this it needs help first of all I want to go to all countries and ask anyone who wants to make a mutual defense agreement to talk to me I need help to bring Ecuador back to life if you need anything with Ecuadorian President ronq1212
Ecuador Org posted 8 months ago

Buying Q5 Food, Q5 Gift, Q1,Q5 weapon
Ecuador Org posted 1 year ago

Viva Ecuador!!
Viva Destiny!!

Ecuador Org posted 2 years ago

Se logro recuperar la MU aunque no tiene nada de nada solo algunas empresas vamos reforzandonos para ver si nos podemos liberar.
Se hablara con el Cp de Brazil

Se le pide que mande una ley a cambiar nacionalidad de la MU

El que quiera trabajar por supps manda mensaje a la Org
Ecuador Org posted 3 years ago

Ya tenemos MU Veterana...
La elite va a estar muy complicada... pero algun dia se llegara...
Ecuador Org posted 4 years ago

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