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Id like to beginning by asking if any of you have useless currency, or you just feeling generous, to sent it to our org, so we can get our 1 company back up and running !

The Switzerland Government has multiple job openings that they are looking to fill. Working in the companies, you will receive pay in Gold, CHF, or USD's. Apply to the jobs or PM the org to get started

We've raised nearly 2500+ Gold with our Bond Program. We've went from 0 companies to 13. We've went from having nothing to valued at 4000 Gold. We could do great things, we need to come together.

Swiss Bond Program. Invest your hard-earned Gold into a Bond and watch it grow!

Country Database: To those with stock companies, businesses, or programs, this serves to label all Swiss-backed operations onto one article.

For those interested in working in our companies located in Italy; we will supply the ticket to do so. PM the org!

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