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MoE of Ireland will from this point be inactive. All funds and resources have been sent to Ireland Org which will now act as the principal department of the country. A small country with so little players makes it tough to run organisations so MoE will henceforth be DISSOLVED.
MoE of Ireland posted 2 years ago

Congress election sign up and hand over your gold pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
MoE of Ireland posted 3 years ago

The state MU Morrigu Preachain is now recruiting (elite MU and free to join). Also top job offers are now available in Ireland. If you're working abroad, PM me and we will try to set you up with a better salary at home. You can also work for supply in Morrigu Preachain .
MoE of Ireland posted 3 years ago

Since we are currently wiped and people can't buy off the Irish market. you can now buy directly from the Government. (All prices below are in gold)
Q5 food - 0.083
Q3 food - 0.048
Q1 weaps - 0.037
Q5 gift - 0.2
These are just the main products. PM for price of other products.
Just donate your gold to the MoE stating what products you're looking for and I will donate products as soon as I'm online
MoE of Ireland posted 3 years ago

Citizens, don't forget to run for congress and we would very much appreciate if all congress gold was sent to the treasury after the election to help with the running of the country
MoE of Ireland posted 3 years ago

New job offers on the Irish market. They offer one of the highest salaries around for each eco skill.
MoE of Ireland posted 3 years ago

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