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The Army of The United States of America is open for new soldiers !

What do we offer ?

- 20% of bonus

- Daily supps ( Q5 weapons for free depending on the battle )

- Daily orders

- Active discord channel

PM Lady Mushroom or CaioOrtiz for more informations.

America FIRST !
USA Org posted 1 month ago

Hello everybody.

The US is looking for Defense Systems.

If you got any and wanna sell, PM us.

If you got any and wanna donate for free, donate to our treasure.

Thanks and a good game to everybody
USA Org posted 2 months ago

The Cartel is disbanded, USA is now without any alliance.

Well, it´s a bad moment I agree, cause we are deleted by some stronk enemies and now we are without any allies to help us.

Let´s stay fighting for our freedom, till our last medkit, our last gold, our last gun.

USA Org posted 2 months ago

Dear citizens of the United States :

Ireland and Bahamas declared war to our prosperous country, also we are at war with Russia, so we are with 3 fronts right now.

We ask every citizen to join our discord , we will be coordinating damage and giving out supply Q1-Q5 weapons.

Solo fighters and Merc MUs are welcome.

DoD will be also updating orders by the game.

With love, Gov :3

USA Org posted 3 months ago

Today we help in the liberation of Pakistan! We will be giving supplies on discord throughout the day. Followthis link to our discord. Send a message on the general channel to get access to the citizen-only channels if you don't already have access
USA Org posted 4 months ago

TOP PRIO: Tapanahony


All the damage for Suriname side will be refunded by the US Government
USA Org posted 5 months ago

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