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Primary: Sweden, Croatia, Argentina, Spain


Hungary - because not respecting the Nap
Estonia - as Damage drop nation against Bosnia
Guerilla - aslong they don't respect the nap.
Germany Org posted 5 months ago

War with Sweden has ended, because Sweden was completely conquered
Germany Org posted 6 months ago

Germany has declared war to Poland
Germany has declared war to Hungary
Schweden has declared war to Germany
Germany Org posted 8 months ago

Its on !

Germany and Bosnia against Serbia,Hungary, USA, Croatia and Poland. - Who wants to join ?
Germany Org posted 11 months ago

Breaking news: Germany sends voluntary Bundeswehr forces to Bosnia to insure the peoples safety during the current
independence movement.
Germany Org posted 11 months ago

Rumors say that Germany is no longer ruled by presidents, they call themselfs goods now and consider the "Election as President " as Humiliation.
Germany Org posted 1 year ago

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