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Rumors say that Germany is no longer ruled by presidents, they call themselfs goods now and consider the "Election as President " as Humiliation.
Germany Org posted 2 months ago

Weiter Pause weil sich gerade in ganz korrekter Balance die Köpfe einschlagen oder irgendetwas angreifen egal was die hater sagen ?
Germany Org posted 2 months ago

The USA War is over, stop figthing in USA battles !

Thanks for your effort to all allied fighters, it was a pleasure to fight on your side o7.
Germany Org posted 4 months ago

"Drama, Drama, Drama and one cry Baby"
Germany Org posted 5 months ago

Uhu o.O Its Sommersale Laaaadys !!!

Germany Org is shopping with Spieler5 and ItsChallax here on #primera.
Germany Org posted 1 year ago

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