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Primary: Sweden, Croatia, Argentina, Spain


Hungary - because not respecting the Nap
Estonia - as Damage drop nation against Bosnia
Guerilla - aslong they don't respect the nap.
Germany Org posted 7 months ago

War with Sweden has ended, because Sweden was completely conquered
Germany Org posted 8 months ago

Germany has declared war to Poland
Germany has declared war to Hungary
Schweden has declared war to Germany
Germany Org posted 10 months ago

Its on !

Germany and Bosnia against Serbia,Hungary, USA, Croatia and Poland. - Who wants to join ?
Germany Org posted 1 year ago

Breaking news: Germany sends voluntary Bundeswehr forces to Bosnia to insure the peoples safety during the current
independence movement.
Germany Org posted 1 year ago

Rumors say that Germany is no longer ruled by presidents, they call themselfs goods now and consider the "Election as President " as Humiliation.
Germany Org posted 1 year ago

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