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Belgium welcomes you!

if you need anything, don't hesitate to send me a pm.

I play fair, so instead of sending gold to myself and paying it back later, i make contracts!

Useful links :

Our national chat channel #Be-Strike
Elite national military unit - Commandos Luxembourgeois
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Thanks for the help in the war (Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria) we will assume that this time they won, but this is only because there are 87 French and 9 Belgians in the game)) soon we will be bigger and stronger, then we will attack the frogs, and until you spend on these miserable stocks.
Belgium Org posted 3 years ago

Probably my last achievement as cp Elite MU
Belgium Org posted 4 years ago

Update: we made a q5 weps company and started producing Q5 weps
Belgium Org posted 4 years ago

Lets go ppl take our cores back! Come on our discord for almost FREE supplies!
Belgium Org posted 4 years ago

Wil je Cadeau's of Eten kopen? ~ Contacteer Belgium Org voor een eerlijke prijs in gold!

Do you want to buy some Gifts or Food? ~ Contact Belgium Org for a fair price in gold!

P.S. Visit our Irc network #be-strike sometimes for a little talk with other belgians
Belgium Org posted 5 years ago

Prio 1: Scotland, NL side
Battle link

Build your own house or estate!
Belgium Org posted 5 years ago

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