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Country Research Program (Political)
Posted 7 years ago by

Roger with esimTV here, "How do you like the suggestions from our fellow citizen, Goxyto?"
90.32 % I like all of the suggestions! Support!
6.45 % I don't like any of the suggestions and admin doesn't care!
3.22 % I like AM and AE modules, Naval System isn't interesting!
Total votes: 31

Hello survivors of E-sim,

First of all, I would like to congratulate to everyone who have survived the apocalypse (the restart).

The real suggestions are a couple of paragraphs bellow!

I want to write one more article about "how to improve the life of e-simmers". You can see them written in my newspaper . (subscribe for brighter future). Sadly, it didn't received the attention from the developers or someone who can actually make an impact to this game by implementing new things for the users to enjoy, earn and exploit them.

More than three and a half years passed since I joined E-Sim. First, I joined because of my friends from the other game willing to make ourselves a MU (before MU's were added) and invest our earned gold in companies and try to make some impact on the battlefield and politically. Since then, besides graphic improvements, nothing important has been added. Some new countries, new arranged groups for pto-ing, civil wars added and because of them, equipments were added. Good old times when your country can earn hundreds of golds from one round in civil war. Maximum number of rounds is fifteen so if your government was smart at that time, you'd been living in paradise. Here's my favorite CW round so far, http://primera.e-sim.org/battle.html?id=3719&round=1 .
Option for translating the game was added too but too late I think because a lot of countries were wastelands because half the population didn't knew English. Stock companies are here too but what for? So many SC but too few active and rich players.

So E-Sim, want to rise up from the ashes like a phoenix?
Then get on the ground and listen to your players, at least some of it. There are a couple of good articles with suggestions who are worth reading and starring at. Only if... Only if half of those suggestions were implemented, I guess a good amount of players will return.

It's time to add Country Research Facilities!!!

Yep. Country Research Facilities. What are those for? Here. Sit down, let me explain you what I have in mind.
It's about a new module who will let your country specialize in something. It's what humans do in life, when they get their degree. They are good at something. Why will my country need this? Because of stability.


There are two industries a country can specialize and ability to explore the seas.

-Advanced Economy
-Advanced Military
-Naval System


Let's start with Advanced Economy (AE). What this means? What actually AE is bringing to us? Is AE good for the country? Is AE good, or bad for the enemies?
Depends on how you see it.

AE means more production from the factories inside of the territories the country owns.
If Lesotho has all of the six territories, companies located there will get 3-5% increase production.
If Lesotho has five territories, but the high region is occupied, the country which owns the high region will get 0.5-1% increase of production.
If Lesotho has seven territories and the seventh is high region of S. Africa, they will get, 0.5-1% increase of production, same as above, but if there is a RW going on, there will be damage debuff -10-15%.
If Lesotho has nine territories and two of them high regions of two countries occupied, Lesotho will get 2.5-4% increase of production but if the occupied countries decide to start a RW, the debuff for the soldiers from Lesotho will be -15-20%.
This continues with every high region the country, including the capital.


Advanced Military (AM) means power. Literally. If Lesotho is in AE mode, the production of the companies located in Lesotho will be lowered by 3-5% but Military Units who are located in Lesotho will get 3-5% bonus from their battle orders. This looks easy? Well, it's not. Because if your MU is located in Lesotho but all of your soldiers are from Nigeria, you won't get any bonus. More than 65% of the soldiers in the MU need to have Lesotho CS so that everyone can get bonus in battles.
AM will lower the days required to build an defensive system and hospital.


Naval System (NS)means that you can research the open seas without limits. Something similar like sailor's week but more focused on the economy and a little on the military module. This means that if our little Lesotho conquers a region from S. Africa and that regions have access to the sea, we can build NS. The building of a NS won't be cheap. It will cost the number of citizens plus the level of the president on the day he was voted. To build a NS in the desired region, you must have more than a half the congress to that region including yourself, the president and golds in the treasury. It will take 6 hours to build and it will belong to Lesotho only. To raise a CW in that region, it will cost not 20, but 40 golds and there will be location bonus only for the Lesotho side.
There will be a boost to the economy up to 10% in every factory that is located in Lesotho with every ship that is sent off in the sea. The ship can be constructed by combining houses and defensive systems plus gold. Those ships will belong to Lesotho until they get old and become useless because of rust. Estimated time for a ship can depend on it's quality level, Q1 to Q5 (depends on houses and DS's used). If the region is conquered, there still will be bonus to Lesotho but building the ships will be a little bit more expensive. Other countries won't be able to build NS's in that region.


Each of the specialization can occur only through referendum. The president can lead the country into a specific specialization once the referendum is approved by the majority.It will cost a fortune to lead your country to glory. The prize will be 100g, plus, double the number of citizens, plus 50 gold for each level.
So if Lesotho have 20 citizens, the cost of AM and AE will be 140 for a start. Advancing to level two, which will bring slightly higher percents in the bonuses mentioned above, will cost 190 if Lesotho has still 20 citizens.

If the current president is overthrown by the rebellions, the new president won't have access to specialization.
Specialization will be available for vote once every 26 days. If Lesotho has already specialized in AM and the president decides that the country needs to specialize in AE, it will cost 10% more. So if we had 20 citizens when we specialized in AM and costed us 140 gold, now to specialize in AE, it will costs us 114 gold. Every next change of specialization is increased by 10% and increases the time to change back to AM. 26 days passed since the transfer from AM to AE? Now it will take 37. Then 44 and so on.

Thank you for your time and big thanks to those who read the whole article.
I want a couple of votes just to get it to global and hopefully it will ring a bell in one of admin's eyes.

Regards, Goxyto

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