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[NAP] Italy-Greece-Serbia (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by
Italy Org    

After 2 months of war this is the pact that will end the war of Italy and Greece against Serbia

1- Greece and Italy won't dow, open rw or fight against Serbia
2- Serbia won't dow, open rw or fight against Italy and Greece
3- Greece and Italy will not hit in battle which will involve Albania
4- The maximum amount of damage allowed in those kind of battle is 5kk (10kk in bonus damage days)
5- Athens and Skopje will not dow eachother
6- Serbia will free the Italians and Greece regions which are at the moment occupied
7- After the end of all those battles Serbia will propose Peace Treaty to Italy and Greece

8- This nap is valid for 6 weeks, from day 1257 to day 1299
9- To ensure the NAP Italy org and Serbia org will accept a reciprocal 250 gold debt. For the same reason Greece org and Serbia org will accept a 300 gold debt. If a country will break the nap it will have to pay the fine.

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Comments (37)
15-02-2015 10:49:04
(4 years ago)

cosa s'intende per NAP?

14-02-2015 21:40:52
(4 years ago)

Global NAP and GAME OVER

14-02-2015 20:10:13
(4 years ago)

good ting im not italian >:]

14-02-2015 14:10:46
(4 years ago)

signed when back to war time lol

14-02-2015 12:07:28
(4 years ago)


14-02-2015 11:13:10
(4 years ago)

14-02-2015 10:41:08
(4 years ago)

*commento idiota per missione #40*

13-02-2015 20:18:12
(4 years ago)

gj babis_p

Poland prefer to go for romania than help us.. that was the only choise for us

13-02-2015 17:25:09
(4 years ago)

wow 3- Greece and Italy will not hit in battle which will involve Albania
nice nap
babis_p and u promise last day u want to go in beograd and now nap
Thank you serbia who 1 more time tell the beauty of this game but is just a game live rl life bc never alb can be serbia and never u can try to our region in rl kosovo is alb
now i am acceptin the ban from warrior89 reason u are albanian

13-02-2015 16:50:34
(4 years ago)

Greece sucks... all ppl here 2 clicker :/

HAIL babis_p , good NAP

13-02-2015 16:41:28
(4 years ago)

No abla inglezi

13-02-2015 16:34:28
(4 years ago)

Global NAP and GAME OVER

13-02-2015 16:34:01
(4 years ago)


13-02-2015 15:01:02
(4 years ago)

Diciamo che ci può stare un articolo di info e aggiornamenti da parte del governo nei prossimi giorni

13-02-2015 14:50:34
(4 years ago)

oh .... ok

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