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Santa Claus is coming (POLL) (Event related)
Posted 5 years ago by

What Santa want to bring you this year in E-sim?
52.0 % Some rare equipments
22.0 % Baby Boom for every country
20.0 % More weapons, i was not here for the Cristmas Gift
6.0 % Other
Total votes: 50

Everyone was enjoyed the Christmas gift or Christmas buq or whatever was this thing but what about Santa Claus/Coca Cola?I hope he will bring us some nice gifts, market is already dead so we will no see a big difference if you give us a million or even better a billion of q1 or q3 or q5 weapons and some q5 gifts of course.But i have a better idea.

Dear Santa Claus,

this year i want to bring me some goods and rare equipments

Personal Armor,Pants,Shoes and Lucky charm will be nice because this picture is ridiculously

only two q5 pants and no other high rate equipment.The problem is that there is not a daily action to get these eq. and i don't like the idea to travel around the world and spend many tickets and foods only to take 1 eq every 50 (or more) travels.Split way or a rare special event don't solve the problem.
I like the idea of some special battles, or something like find the santa around the E-sim world and get your rare equipment.


simple do something for E-sim
Give one free BB for every country

At the end i'm Selling shares

Artsy Arsenal

also i'm selling 100% stock company in Philippines 100 Gold (small or big discount depends from the offers) and some q1w 0.051 (no discount)

If you have a very good q6 eq i want to know, maybe i buy it

And some advices for the stock companies

1. Watch the newbies, most of them don't know how to run a stock
2. Stay alert for the stock with only 2-3 shareholders from the same country
3. Always check the logs, you can see if ceo is inactive or if steal from stock
4.For my experience chillyzeis , atixs , XaNkro , Ribelle , nobch , Sleepin , dvd3434 , Orlandio are people that know how to run a stock company.

see you next year and don't forget.........

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