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One week with New Era (Event related)
Posted 4 years ago by

So, now it's been a week since "The Reset" and what has happened during this week?

Let's start with the relocation bug. It was supposed to be free to relocate all our Raw companies because we got new high regions in the game. But like many other things in this game, this did not work as it was supposed to do. So everyone that tried to relocate their companies needed to pay 25 Gold
to relocate. More and more people got upset because Admin didn't fix the problem. But now we've got back all our money we spent on relocation + 10% extra as a bonus.
Next thing: Wood regions? No, we still haven't got any High Wood regions. So, how is anybody going to afford a Q5 House now when it will cost at least twice as much as before the reset? Or is this the solution to the Wood problem we have waited for, removing the High regions instead of fixing the problem?

Now, let's take a look at Primera and "New Era" and see what this New Era brings us and what we will leave behind in Primera.

Fighting with Q1 weapons in Primera was like:

With Q5 weapons:

Now in New Era, fighting with Q1 weapons is like:

With Q5 weapons:

Working as a farmer in Primera:

Working as a farmer in New Era:

Mining Iron in Primera:

Mining Iron in New Era:

Much is there to be said about New Era and Admin way to handle this reset. But I have to give him credit for one thing, he has invented a time machine so we can travel in time! But too bad he used it to send us back in the 19'th century again!

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Comments (14)
16-10-2014 4:26:41
(4 years ago)


14-10-2014 13:41:30
(4 years ago)

ahahaha nice job

13-10-2014 22:52:40
(4 years ago)

inte naja

13-10-2014 8:26:59
(4 years ago)

V+S Very good and awesom,

12-10-2014 13:50:30
(4 years ago)


11-10-2014 0:34:23
(4 years ago)

10-10-2014 20:13:21
(4 years ago)

nice article dude! time to pick up my scythe again me thinks

10-10-2014 11:17:15
(4 years ago)

But now we've got back all our money we spent on relocation + 10% extra as a bonus.

Or not ?

10-10-2014 5:20:42
(4 years ago)


09-10-2014 17:06:10
(4 years ago)

good one

09-10-2014 13:11:26
(4 years ago)


09-10-2014 10:16:21
(4 years ago)


09-10-2014 1:40:39
(4 years ago)

rofl nice article ;D

09-10-2014 1:33:12
(4 years ago)

haha awesome

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