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*** POLISH FRAUD ... LAST ? ***** (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by

If you are Polish you can make 2,670,619,220 dmg. in 1 day


So you can make best statistic ever... if you are Polish in origin..

..and we should trust you Admin?? ...What nation are you can you say...



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Comments (32)
05-10-2014 14:55:50
(4 years ago)


01-10-2014 17:39:05
(4 years ago)

ss from profile picture .... google it.. it proofs it...



30-09-2014 19:28:42
(4 years ago)

Is it a troll ss or real??????????

30-09-2014 15:35:36
(4 years ago)

Moderator ★ Admin awarded you with 30 medkits
Reason:national waste event

30-09-2014 14:33:04
(4 years ago)

Haven't you seen that during the +250% damage event there were berserks of 2.8kk? That's not even max. If you would take Briediss for example - his max hit is 15463 (one of the highest or highest in e-sim) so he can do 15463*5*3.5*1.2*1.2*1.25*2*1.2*1.2*1.25*2 = 3507008,4 damage in a single berserk. Multiply those insane (but possible) berserks by the amount of limits you have, also keep in mind that 40% + Q5 hospital increases your damage nearly 3 times and you'll get a number that has more digits than you can process. All I can tell you is that 3kkk is certainly not a limit. I bet Briediss could do like 5kkk in a single round.

29-09-2014 21:26:18
(4 years ago)

i did 1,7kkk on 100% bonus day so tell me how it impossible to do 3kkk on 250%day?
u just cry bcs u lost position in top dmg xD

29-09-2014 21:25:53
(4 years ago)

I was participating in it so I don't rly need to calculate it, I saw how much dmg I have done with no medkits so yep, you are the one that is envious for what we can do as a country

29-09-2014 21:01:54
(4 years ago)

and that medkits came from where?

Only brainless is the one who believe that half of Poland can make in 1 day mor then all the rest in 3 year..

...don't they teach you Math in Poland ??? .. logic ??
.. deduction? ..no? nothing?

29-09-2014 20:29:00
(4 years ago)

i do 7555 hits
i have 29 medkits + spa+ vacations+ extra 20 food limits from motivate
and i have 32.63% avoid + hospital q5= 25% more avoid
how i get medkits? most of them from events (sometimes 5 medkits from one event)+bonus codes

29-09-2014 20:28:29
(4 years ago)

You are the one that isn't rly giving his country good representation by such brainless articles

29-09-2014 20:17:42
(4 years ago)

cry like a river

29-09-2014 20:14:34
(4 years ago)

Bla bla bla .....

I have fought same day ..used some medkits ...
IT'S NOT POSSIBLE .... make that kind of dmg in 1 day ..............

pterek had 8760 hits with q5 wep ..any more then 5000 hits
...how many medkit is that? where from?

29-09-2014 20:09:24
(4 years ago)

Pojadę klasygiem leszke Śmieszke
Skąd się biorą tacy głupcy?
jak nasz Chorwat

29-09-2014 20:04:21
(4 years ago)

Ofc it isn't normal but possible.
For me it's sad that one player can make more dmg than whole country or better. Old e-sim when we don't have buffs, eq etc was better than now.
And in PL golds and q5 weps are not growing from the ground. All we have we owe our hard work. Ofc we have little easier bcs high iron but not only us. It's not our problem that rest cant make profit from high iron like us.

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