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Letter to all exeperienced players on Primera! (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by
Admin news    

Our Dear Journalists:

gilads576210, Orlandio, fhdshk, Duoyiza, Pursche01, FSM26, tadej007, Christian4Peeps, hadgil, Arhangelus, CLard, Cosme Tolo Diyes, infinity91, ketangoyal, Lucky John, TanOrc, eran126, SerialKillerPT, MarkJob, JLaci91, Sacred_Knight, fhdshk, janniemoney, Pterek, Arochelo, Snookie, Arhangelus, VGPR, Reallist, Marrilands, Permanent, Duoyiza, chrisss, ShArKK, eran126, SerialKillerPT and other experienced players:

We have read all your articles and comments about upcoming changes on Primera.

Now we want to say: We absolutely don’t want to kill Primera!

To clarify: Everything except three personal statistics, country borders and politics are staying the same as they were. All your gold, storage, equipment, referrers, companies, achievements, medals, parties, server history is staying as it was.

By making new era on this server we would like to bring here more players and more competition. We would like to give a chance for new players and also for players who became inactive. We would like to let you create more alliances more friendships more wars. And finally it’s a great moment for changes: new equipment, new achievements, new event.

On suna server, the population of active players has doubled after this event. What suprised us was the fact that many old players came to play again. Imagine what can happen here - primera has 500.000 inactive accounts.

Some of you said that you were playing a few years for nothing. But it’s not for nothing. It’s for winning this server! We want to reward those of you who were working hard and spending time for this game to reach higher Economic Skill, Strength and Rank. Players with top military rank, damage and economical skill will get unique achievements.

In additional to show our respect we will make Citizen's History placed in your profile. There you will be able to check all your resetted statistics and rankings in the First edition of Primera.

The best players on Primera first edition will also be announced. Who is the best journalist, who achieved top damage during 3 years of history, who is the greatest society builder? We will see it soon.

We want to reward the greatest countries in Primera’s first edition. Citizens of top 5 countries will get badge: server winner. Citizens of country which controlled all of its core regions will get achievements.

Ps. We noticed that many of you have incorrectly understood the term “server reset”. Some of you thought that we want to erase the whole world, which is not the case. That’s why we have changed its name to New Era.

Best regards
e-Sim Team

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Comments (191)
31-07-2016 20:45:47
(2 years ago)

Just got back a few days ago to all my stats wiped and my SC companies now in the wrong resource area, its nice when companies push players away.

I wouldn't mind I get emails from e-sim about loads of useless information but got none to warn about a reset.

11-12-2015 1:38:14
(3 years ago)

I never got the reset, if you wanted it that bad, why not make a fusion of servers too.....

21-07-2015 13:11:24
(3 years ago)

Before Reset
Primera has 500,000 inactive players

After Reset
Primera has 1,000,000 inactive players

I came back playing this game just to found out everything was reset, looks like you gave me another reason to quit this game

01-10-2014 7:15:39
(4 years ago)

Behind all the beautiful speech of the Admins hides their "auri sacra famen". I understand them but I do not agree with them: the game does not deserve spending my money and much of my time, as it became quite boring. "New equipment", "new medals", all old stuff that makes no difference ....

In fact, I feel good because I have now one more reason to quit the game without regret and to never return in the "new era" or in any other server. Good reset, dear Admins !

29-09-2014 23:57:57
(4 years ago)

Today I got a suprise in my mailbox:
“The new age is coming, whether you like it or not, and whether you understand it or not.”
Everybody will start over from the beginning: L E V E L O N E. I have enough of this!
-To tell the truth I don't understand why you have to do this - ruin a "good game"!
Oh but wait, maybe ........It's your "special point of view", which is give us more and more money a..hol.s to create a bigger s..t! Thank you
Instead of resetting primera, reset yourselves!

29-09-2014 12:15:49
(4 years ago)

I would like to say

On suna
I know a guy who has proved to have about 700- 800 Multis (world wide)
Albania owns 200+ Multis (world wide)
Bosnia owns 400+ Multis (world wide)
Romania owns 500+ Multis (world wide)

Please keep in mind, this is after the massive ban of all 3 countries on suna.
So out of the citizen stats please aprox 2000 Citizens because they are multis...

And loads of people have shared ip accounts.. majority of the top players do!
+ every countries has loads of multis and people have farms etc...

I would say Suna has less then 2000 Active players. maybe 1000 honestly
Please explain why in this world you feel Suna is a success?

The only success on e-sim i seen is Primera and maybe a little secura .
But now primera will be reset and all of e-sim will die..
if secura is reset majority of gold buyers will leave the game.

i dont think i even saw 1 positive comment in all 13 pages of comment on this article about the reset.

Bad move admin..

28-09-2014 17:11:42
(4 years ago)

You know why in Suna where was 2x more players? Because you created more countries, and players from primera and secura went there.

27-09-2014 23:48:23
(4 years ago)


Reset skill///Strength

26-09-2014 21:04:08
(4 years ago)

i'm playing for nothing only work and train.. so u can do what u want. i dont care.

24-09-2014 8:52:20
(4 years ago)

If I ever deserve one of these badges I'd ask them to remove from my profile, because it clearly states I am a fool to waste years in this game and still doing from beginning.

21-09-2014 23:04:32
(4 years ago)

reset all

20-09-2014 10:04:17
(4 years ago)

You can reset the economic skills / damages
Add new countries

With our hard work does not go to hell

20-09-2014 0:12:42
(4 years ago)

This smells like dogshit

19-09-2014 17:51:59
(4 years ago)

Please, let put this decision to vote! Admins, START THE POOL about this important question! LET THE PLAYERS DECIDE!

19-09-2014 16:01:41
(4 years ago)

what the players trying to tell you is that the efforts cannot be replace with just some badges. you can't just decide to make strength, economic skill, and rank to be back to zero when all of us knows that this is what we have targeted since the first place.

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