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The journey is the reward (Event related)
Posted 5 years ago by

Before anyone can complain about the reset you should first think about something.

Why are you playing?

This is the key question.

Are you playing to HAVE awesome stats or to ACHIEVE them?

Or are you even playing for your country, MU or friends?

I don’t think e-Sim is a game where you simply play to score the Highscore. It’s a never ending story about friendship and war. And yes, there is a place for heroes in it. But 1kkk damage is no proof that you are one. It took a thousand days to achieve them. Will you be faster this time?

And a message to all the ones who complain that their awesome stats will be away: you should search for a solo-game next time

The things I will remember about my history in e-Sim wont be when I became Generalissimus or did 1kk damage in one battle the first time. I will remember the great times in the IRC and the shouts, the awesome articles and the trolling, the epic wars and the old friendships.

The reset brings new challenges and a fresh new start. I was fed up with Primera. Old rivalries, old friendships, old wars, always the same battles.
When OF&Maho appeared as a new op-alliance, my motivation completely disappeared. But now I have hope that Primera will be fun again soon.

Have fun with playing the game, not winning it Don’t think I support this reset, I simply don’t see the point why to stop playing because of it. I love you all, lets keep this server rollin’! ♥

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