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[V1.1.0] Company profit calculator + CONTEST (Economical)
Posted 5 years ago by

Let me start with this silly "poem":
Hello my fellow readers,
Food and gifties eaters.
I want you to be voters,
And my article promoters.

If you're new here, read 1st article!
Hello dear readers once again, today I will write about some news PLUS you can get some Gold

So at first - new Companies From List update. So recently I added new function, you can just write id of Military Unit, Stock companies or Citizen and then my calculator automaticly will insert all companies (don't worry, you still can add 1 company). How it works:
1) My script gets all companies ids of selected type list (MU/SC/Citizen + server).
2) Every 4 second script calls function to retrieve, then parse data and finally to show everything to You.

And here comes the problem – maybe you don't want to use every company or you don't want to wait 4 seconds for every company (if you have 100 companies, you will have to wait 6 minutes and 40 seconds – very big amount of time). So my suggestion is (and this is also easier to me to do ) to make a list of hyperlinks which when clicked, would retrieve and display your selected company. Tell me what do you think about this idea in comments!

Future features:
Beside Countries feature (market, job offers, taxes), there is new feature which will be very helpful. I call it Tabs – it's like tabs in browser but in my calculator. At highest level there would be 2 divisions - companies and countries. Companies tab could have it's own tabs e.g. 1st tab MU companies, 2nd tab my own companies. The same would be with Countries tab e.g. 1st tab Lithuania, 2nd tab Poland.

However I have no idea how to insert these tabs to my calculator design so I want to make a contest!


As you probably could understand I want to make a contest about design. What I want from you is to draw how you imagine and would like to see my calculator page (most important is calculator, not background but having nice background idea (or maybe image) would be cool too!). The prize is 30 Gold
+ amount of votes divided by 10 (e.g. my last article got 157 votes so the total prize would be 30 + 157/10 = 45.7 Gold
) + the donated gold from people (I think users are also interested to have better design ) (for this, when donating in reason box write: contest).
Please send your made image's links to me or publish them in comments. My commission + users will decide who will win!

Well, here it ends folks, don't forget to Vote and Subscribe (do it now!).

Best wishes

P.S. Due cross-domain policy I changed url of calculator, now it's http://voldemortas.1.ai/calc.php BUT you still can use old link, it will redirect automaticly!

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