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Votes and article statistics. Part 3 (Statistics)
Posted 5 years ago by

Hello dear readers, haters, kermit100 and everyone else. Almost 7 monts ago I had published Articles and Votes statistics (part 1 & part 2), today I'm doing the same thing. At the moment in e-sim (primera is the real e-sim ) are more than 90k articles published - 14k more than it was 6 month ago. By this we can really see that e-sim is really dying. Old players remmember 100th day article , it's id was 10000. If we compare we will see that during this 7 months (over 200 days) period only 14k articles were published (30% less than in first days or 2% less if we compare 1-865d to 1-1065d). By the way kMeel is inactive, nice job community manager.

Well, enough pouring sh*t on e-sim and railman's team, let's continue with articles and votes statistics! Today I've collected 90300 articles, some of them sadly were deleted. In this article, like in the first part, I will provide you just countries statistics.

See BIG IMAGE or see everything in GOOGLE DOCS. There you can see links to best articles and writers.

P.S. Tommorow article will contain players top 500! So subscribe this article and get Pertamax under my next article!

P.P.S. Admin news statistics weren't included.

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