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Vote Puskis for President \o/ (Political)
Posted 5 years ago by

Hi handsome guys and pretty girls

I will be on the list for president next Sunday, and this is some of the things I will do for Ireland


We will try to remain independent of the oppressors of UK and if it's possible keep North Ireland under our control.
About the war, I can gather the support from some countries and if it's necessary hire some mercs. I will only let the war end if weare not harmed.


As we have the best MoE DUB I think there is not big problem hire, but I will donate 6.19 IEP EVEN IF I AM NOT ELECTED


I do not plan to make major changes in this issue, but in any case, encourage and improve the friendship between allies and the possibility of a new ally.

This will be my team if i’m elected:
President: Puskis
vPresident: Federico Rosenfeld
Minister of Economy: DUB
MoFA: nicmau
MoD: Puskis (If someone wants just tell me)
Minister of Beer: MartinnSidk

Vote for the best choice, I can offer you this too:

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Comments (7)
04-07-2014 12:57:24
(5 years ago)

cant open and see the last 2 pics. federico in both?

Nope two beatiful Irish girls

04-07-2014 0:43:08
(5 years ago)

cant open and see the last 2 pics. federico in both?

03-07-2014 21:44:45
(5 years ago)

Good luck and ... you will succeed me not rosenfeld

03-07-2014 19:17:42
(5 years ago)

In Puskis we trust

03-07-2014 19:00:20
(5 years ago)

i'd like to go ireland and vote you, could be a nice place to practice english... i've been like 4 years without using english xD

03-07-2014 16:21:46
(5 years ago)

Bottom girl = perfect ass

03-07-2014 15:36:57
(5 years ago)

That last girl ...

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