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The 30-Day Time Bomb (Political)
Posted 5 years ago by

Just about an hour ago, a Non-Aggression Pact between USA and PH was made, both signed by the CPs of both parties. You may want to read the NAP here . Let's see what this NAP will do to the two countries involved, shall we?

1. Non aggression Pact for PH-USA for 30 days

I have no comments on this yet.

2. Peace Treaty shall be propose for either the Philippines or USA

Speculations emerged that the e-USA Congress Members were a little bit silenced about this treaty. A sort of voting did not happen on the e-USA congress, meaning that the NAP was "fast forwarded".

3. That the two countries shall not participate in any war involving their respective country.

So far, PH still controls USA Gulf of Mexico. if this part of the treaty will take effect (since it was signed by the CPs involved, it has taken effect already), will the RW currently happening on that region be ignored? Retaking USA core regions is not stated or tackled in this NAP, so this will count as a flaw to the treaty. A win for PH on this part.

A. Both countries shall not hit against each other (except for helping allies)

The USA GoM issue is also a concern on this part of he agreement.

B. Incase (A) was broken, the country that violated shall pay via total amount damage done.

Obviously, PH will ignore the USA GoM battle for the country to separate itself from violating the treaty and having a fine. USA must not participate in the USA GoM battle for the nation to avoid itself from doing the same thing. Unless both countries will ask BH hunters to do the job for them to either defend/attack USA GoM, a violation will surface sooner or later. Plus, PH has no obligations to give back USA core regions. Another win for PH on this part.

4. That both country shall not participate in any Resistance War of the one occupying the region.

Still, the USA GoM battle is the main issue at this point. No need to discuss this point more. Plus, USA needs to gear itself once the NAP's over if they want to protect its territory against insurgents. PH can just retake the regions they once occupied in Taiwan and South Korea and pursue to take control over the majority of the regions in Canada. Again, another win for PH on this part.

5. All DS destructed because of violating (2-A) will result to payment of the equivalent DS destroyed and (3-B)

The prices for each DS destroyed (should there would be one) are not yet publicly announced, so either country may increase the price of the DS (if they don't stick to the strade prices).


CLEARLY, PH will have a huge advantage to this NAP. How about USA? Probably NOTHING. Good thing both USA Pacific Coast and Central USA were taken back by USA before this NAP was implemented. At least USA can collect money from taxes and fund itself for future use. On the other hand, PH can just conquer Taipei and Chuncheon and guard Canada Pacific Coast to secure PH control over the Canadian regions. This NAP is a time bomb in favor of PH. Once the 30-day duration of the NAP is over, another chapter of the US-PH saga is imminent. And with regards to the alliances currently surfacing, who will you think will win? These are just speculations, but who knows what might happen on Day 1030, right?

The time is ticking...


That's all for now...


PS. Whoever typed the agreement should have consultations with English-proficient persons. No pun intended here.

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