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[EN] The DoW's fall - Part 2 (Political)
Posted 6 years ago by
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Translated by Mr_White

Continues by...

Chapter 2: China

The days spent among the tension, envy and the nervousness of vSC (and CP Romanian) JaGaSs .
HQ ran the rumor that the SC lawoS was trying to bring China within the Alliance: a blow for WPMW!
Italy, now without direct battles began to leave again in freedom the parastatal agencies which they asked me to set against China, since its RW were the only battles available to us (DoW was concentrated in the attack against Greece, against which the nation Italy has never wanted to shoot *see Chapter 3 *) at that timeso in preventivatamente spoke with the HQ

Pastebin #4

As A result of this latest and undemocratic behaviour towards us, the Government decided to sign a NAP with China for the sole purpose of making happy a capricious HQ and to prevent anyone of MU parastatal agencies decide to fight on its own against China.
But why add, if lawoS was convinced to bring China in DoW? Simply because China refused to join DoW or simply becoming a Pro Member, since the CP of China claimed to not have any logical reason for having to join a similar Alliance: in practice, including that DoW wanted only as "damage free night"

I should like to emphasise that this aversion towards us on the "China Issue" was resulted solely and exclusively because of friendship of convenience of Poland China, a nation that has never needed the help of anyone. In addition, China has never supported largely no other who was not the same Poland it never supported us but, we fired against: why Italy couldn't really consider China as an ally of DoW.


At the same time the events mentioned above were the real issue. The Alliance decided to close the war between Serbia and Greece, attacking the latter on several fronts: Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria, endorsed by all the Alliance!
A "brilliant" according to some, "unique" according to others. "Coward" to that of Italy.

For about 2 years, Italy and Greece are regarded each other sisters. Without having to renew every month a NAP written, there we kept distant from each other: the annoyed not the Greece Italy and Greece annoyed the Italy not in full respect and mutual admiration.
This respect has always existed between our two Nations and this decision by DoW of the mass attack in Greece there was indifferent. We said right now that Italy would never have attacked Greece but we focused on other battles of the Alliance.
Right now Croatia and Bulgaria fully supportammo (which was attacked by Turkey, in an effort to drainarne the damage to Greece) and so we continued the whole time.

As was usual, the HQ used the opportunity to give us further.

Pastebin #5

After this there were many other (at least 2 per day!) heated discussions on the subject. The same Nations continued to ask constantly why the Italy did not want to attack Greece.

We got to the point where Poland, Serbia, USA, Croatia, Bulgaria, Sweden, Macedonia, Latvia, Romania fought in unison against Greece and Turkey while Hungary and Italy defended the RW in Turkey and Bulgarian Croatian ones in Slovenia.
Despite this, DoW couldn't erase the Greece!!

Of course, to those who gave to blame? Italy "who does not want to attack Greece!"

All this, gentlemen, is RI-DI-CU-LO-US!

Chapter 4: Cowards

The 19 January 2014 was held the last meeting of Declaration of War. This was supposed to be a simple meeting where we decided the new HQ and if downgrade/kick any dormant Nations.
Instead, after the vote for the expulsion of Latvia:


It became clear that the Alliance was dissolved. But we were already ready, because I had received from my informants entries within the DoW, Governments regarding this cowardly decision (in those days, we were able to see, for example, Sweden embark on a useless war of the spring pulls & Estonia): DoW did not have the courage to vote for will be expelled very and therefore chose the fastest way.


The 4 points listed above want to open my eyes to what has happened in recent months. I regret not being able to immediately put everything but these sensitive topics and not felt the alarmed unnecessarily's Italian population.
We always wanted to entertain you all with victories on the battlefield and others.
I will not here to write about who is or is not to blame, because if you don't have it figured out, you can request for the Romanian citizenship
I will tell you that the Italy, the little Italy, is the nation that makes the difference!

In the last few days have seen how big our strength, 520 Million of damage dealt by Italy (the same Italy that according to Erka "does little damage, it's useless!" against the Alliance that we have betrayed, and that did not have the courage to vote democratically for will be expelled very!
You have also seen how an alliance formed by Nations erased (Ukraine, Slovenia, Germany) and relatively inactive countries (Macedonia, Bosnia) can prevail on powerful enemies, if led by a small but Powerful nation ( Italy) and the experience of its leaders.
In just 3 days NT4F has released the Ukraine and Slovenia for more than two months of employment, in addition to having excellently dismissed the Croatian attack on the borders of Italy.

I would like to conclude this article with a funny anecdote of these meetings: The psychological collapse of Jagas

Yours sincerely,
Damon Mortis

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