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[EN] The DoW's Fall - Part 1 (Political)
Posted 6 years ago by
Italy Org    


Translated by Mr_White

This article is written with the purpose of informing all players about the causes that led to the "fall" of the Declaration of War, and in particular of veiled expulsion from the latter of Italy.


The month of September 2013, under the creeeeeeeeeeee's Government was decisive for Italy, because we went with flying colors in the Alliance Declaration of War.
In October began some problems between the then Bulgarian CP dr love and Green_Lightning's Government , since the Bulgarian leader threatened (due to old quarrels between the two) to leave the Alliance if el_cid had crossed the threshold of HQ Channel. Despite this the Italian CP was able to find an agreement between the parts without having to send his vCP into the channel of the HQ, promoting his neophyte Defense Minister checco that personal shook friendships with members of the same HQ.
The following month, checco decided to take the plunge, favourites and winning the elections for a few points on the opponent Andrealer (the account was later sold, the real name of the Italian Player was Fichetto). This month checco was elected MC of the Alliance and Italy embarked on an long and expensive war war of conquest against the German territories: this war took 14 days and over 300 Gold merc (without supply) to win against a fist (90 players) disorganized soldiers.

Half term, Piccione xdioner asked the restitution of Gold to leave the pigeons with a view to the entry into one of the MU parastatal agencies. CP checco denied such restitution.

Such a move was obviously seen by the entire population as a scandal, leading to a heated exchange of views between CP and one of the leaders of the parastatal agencies, already embittered because of the many days when the parastatal bodies were settled only after 21.00 and unnecessary battles, often to supply closed.

A few days later, a 2clicker contacted me saying "there isn't Iron in Italy Org, how do I work?". There and then I came back, Italy is the third largest manufacturer of Weapon and Iron!i
Then contacted sqeak87 telling him that lacked Iron and even he was amazed and had to pay 1000 pieces of Iron to Italy Org.
The day after the scandal broke out: a member of the Government revealed that companies of Italy Org and the Bank were almost stop because of the few workers present, despite the Italian population was more than 600 players (thanks to the BabyBoom organized two months before). In addition, inventory of Weapons, Food and Gift were practically exhausted!

After the military scandal,some insults often aimed at Italian players and to the negligence of CP in supervising the situation entrusted to him by the voters, the Congress decided to impeach President checco (placing the runner-up Fichetto Government at the helm of the nation), who immediately decided to leave Italy in favor of the new Minister of Defense of the Allied nation, Romania.

Chapter 1: HQ

The Fichetto's Government began with the coffers virtually empty (about 400 Gold) and supply stocks practically to zero. Right now the new team managed to reactivate Planning companies (even to buy 10000 Iron to re-enable fast companies Weapon) and pay the salaries in arrears of Gold over two weeks.

Obviously, Italy would continue to support DoW: it was the event that Romania asked the Italian military support. The CP Fichetto replied that his predecessor had left the State without anything Italy asked Romania supply, himself, in order to shoot. Needless to say that, Romania is not caught well, because the Romanian representative JaGaSs knew erroneously that Fichetto had asked supply throughout Italy.
To this is added the fact that the State did not have the finances needed to arm State and parastatal bodies to support the Alliance.
I was then sent to the channel of the HQ to inform regarding the current situation.

Pastebin #1

Despite this warning, there were many complaints from the various Alliance members since were convinced that the Italian would become Semi-public MU FULL Merc since that time. Nothing could be more untrue.
In fact, the MU parastatal agencies are mercenaries when the State did not need themand must ask permission to MoD or CP before you can sell your damage, unlike the various mercenary MU present in all States of the Alliance: MU that have never made any scruples to shoot against their allies.

Always in the midst of all the bickering and always ready to give against the Italy, there was our dear ex CP checco which publicly stated to be in HQ to make exclusively the interests of Romania.
There was also a rather serious: the Prio there required to set in a battle but the MC checco said the Italian Government "not set there because you don't need". Obviously we were punished by the SC and in my turn I innervosii against the MU Legio Audax that had no set (I was absent that afternoon, loggai in the evening and I took a read without anything are wispy)
Pastebin #2

Whereupon, the Government lost the little confidence left in him. When we called several times distrust of checco from MC, since Italy did not trust him because of his actions against us but, then SC Erka , refused to accept our request, even democratic not to attend the meeting for the renewal of the HQ and compelled the postponement to 7 days later — to the establishment of the new Government.
Meanwhile, Italy (totally recovered and vigorously from the hole left by Government checco) undertook a successful war of conquest against the Benelux (despite China shot against us), in order to hold the Italian State, while MU decided to give Intra-state support exclusively to Hungary because it was the only nation that like us they felt discriminated against, since the Government serrath had personal problems with MU S H I E L D which was declared independent of the Hungarian State and mercenaries under the command of the Romanian Government, the carrying 50% of the damage.

It was finally the day of the meeting (in the meantime, was elected President el_cid ), to which I was sent as representative of Italy and why I should request an HQ with only one member per country (in order to avoid possible conflicts of interest when voting), but something went wrong.
These Nations refused to back the demands of Italy, just because of a little Semi-state damage during that time caused by checco the previous month and which the current Government had to get weight.
Needless to say that the tension between the Italian Government and the HQ grew day by day, to the point where the newly elected CP began to fantasize about the possibility to leave DoW in favor of WPMW of course we ever being loyal

Pastebin #3

In short, Italy would have deleted the whole Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, looking for NAP with the latter two in order to avoid wasting damage as possible we can concentrate better and aid the Alliance.
In the days following Italy and Hungary agreed so that:

-The 3 Italy ceded regions of Germany to Hungary;
-Hungary ceded the Slovenia to Croatia;
-All Lived happily ever after.

This is because Hungary had ran out of money needed to withstand continual RW of Slovenia and had intended to use certain regions of Germany as a bridge to invade the Czech Republic.
We had three other colonies to be kept under control and we decided to show our goodwill to the Alliance, which had meanwhile become envious of our 4 (useless) colonies

Continues on...

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