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We did it! [Guerrilla] (Military)
Posted 5 years ago by

Most people have a full measure of life... and most people just watch it slowly drip away. But if you can summon it all up... at one time... in one place... you can accomplish something... glorious.

Hello everyone!


I think I don't need to write about what I'm going to write in this article because you might know already!
Few images will tell everything:

Guerrilla highest DAILY DMG ever (can't be sure how many other MUs archive that, because I don't have enought information, if there IS any MU who done more - please let me know and give proof too < thanks):

Next image is taken before DC in Mazuria battle:

When battle was finished:

Ok, enought of images. Now few thanks and congratzs:
- THANKS to every single member of Guerrilla and Guerrilla 2 for this amazing day (or two days, because today we also done a lot of DMG and we're not done yet )
- CONGRATZ to Polish congress members (and your phones ) for beating us in DoW, otherwise you would probably today be without Silesia (because battle would start at 8 am and would be probably finished before DC)
- THANKS to everyone else who fought in Mazuria, mostly after DC, but I must say there that Lithuania dissapointed me a just a little bit. We were all fighting hard, we won 6 rounds for free, and when it was 6:6 they gave up, ok I admit it that they were fighting very hard in WR, but still it's once in a life opputunity.
- THANKS to Railman and co-workers for GREAT coding We were fighting Almost without lags and thanks for part of code where is written that Polish citizens get 50% of drops.
- THANKS to TORG familly who were our main enemy whole battle and they were also very good organized!

Ok, now some stats:
- We done 72,8 % of TOTAL DMG in attackers side!
- We (probably) made a record of DAILY DMG done by Millitary Unit!
- We maybe set a record of DMG done by MU in ONE battle.
- We MADE record in Most DMG done in DRAIN battle!
- We had highest IRC activity in past year > around 30 members were active all the time!
- If we set any other record > please let us know
- We probably cleaned out quite a lot o weps

And for the end, little information how this even happend:

Well two months ago we decided to start with planning of so called KABOOM day
We started with production of Q5 weps it tooked us around 3 weeks! And we produced around 35k Q5 weps!
From the start we were planning to attack Silesia at 8:00 and finish it till DC, we were prepared for every scenario except damn DoW failture So we needed something else because all the members were very nervous already because we were promising Kaboom day for weeks. After Germany was also not prepared for DoW voting (probably they would not be able to get voted fast enought ) we had to decide or to fight in Western Russia or in Mazuria > decision was made: Mazuria and it was good decision. From this moment on you probably know the story!

Sorry for bad English

Kind regards,
Sir Junior Matevzs1 and GUERILLA

P.S.: It was fun

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