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YO ADMIN! Im Leaving (Political)
Posted 5 years ago by


Supp bro?

I just wanted to say to E-World that im leaving. All this updates are not what i though that e-sim would turn on, the game is dying a bit everyday (talking about old players) and i found that i dont need to play to keep talking with my e-friends

So, if im not motivated, the game is not turning better in my opinion, and if i still have the same old E-friends on skype, facebook and even in my university, whats the point of keep playing?

Note: guys, dont ask me fo equips, gold, stuffs cuz i already gave all

Admin, i hope you get a good life, getting money from this game, and if you can add GunGaleAlfheim on LOL and offer me a skin i will gift you back :*

Bye E-sim community, it was good to play by your side,

With Love, Wolfswinkel

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Comments (5)
10-02-2014 10:29:36
(5 years ago)

See ya bro ^_^

Good luck in RL!

10-02-2014 7:47:46
(5 years ago)

BB Ș))

09-02-2014 20:23:31
(5 years ago)

Good bye :<

09-02-2014 16:08:19
(5 years ago)

well, i have league of legends, i have social life, i have university... if right now i dont even have a few minutes every day to work and train, why should i keep playing? btw, thank you Guerrilla for having me with you, i had lots of fun :3

09-02-2014 15:58:30
(5 years ago)

Sad to hear that.

Why don't you stay and prove to ADM that game will die befor you stop playin?

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