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Stats TOP 3 Slovenian MU (Political)
Posted 5 years ago by


Today, I will write about TOP 3 Slovenian MUs. I will write a short statistic like in my previous article about Polish MUs. I wont talk much cuz too long articles are boring. I hope you will like it.

I will start with third, Profi Si.

The next one is Slovenian second MU, Grave Digger Clan.

And the last one is Guerilla.

That is all for today and please vote and sub.And sorry for my writing mistakes.

No, danes bom napisal kratko statistiko o prvih 3 Slovenskih MUjih, kot sem jo napisal nazadje, vendar za Polsko. Danes je zraven tudi slovenski prevod.No bom kar začel, upam da vam bo všeč.

Začel bom z našim tretjim MUjem, Profi Si.

Naslednji je naš drugi MU, Grave Digger Clan.

In zadnji je naš prvi MU, Guerilla.

Upam da vam je bilo všeč in ne pozabite votati in subati. Pa oprostite mi napake ki sem jih napisal.

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23-11-2013 0:22:08
(5 years ago)

Go Tibi!!

17-11-2013 11:10:06
(5 years ago)

hey hay

16-11-2013 21:19:59
(5 years ago)

16-11-2013 20:44:01
(5 years ago)

Pertamax tud tukej

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