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The war is over (Political)
Posted 6 years ago by
United Kingdom Org    

the war with ireland is now over with, and here are the terms that both sides have agreed too and will signed

Non Aggression Pact between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland

1) An agreement that the war was inconclusive and a strategic and tactical failure for both countries.
2) The Non Aggression Pact will last for two months upon the signature of the pact. A mutual debt of one hundred and fifty gold will be sent to both Orgs, and once it is accepted by both Orgs the NAP will considered to be in effect.
3) Core regions will be returned to both countries if needed.
4) Ireland and the United Kingdom can fight each other through MPPs if they wish to, but efforts will be made by both countries to avoid conflict when possible.

thanks for reading

your CP law7441

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