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United Nations , changes+[NAPs] (Political)
Posted 5 years ago by

Hello everybody
As always we had a normal meeting on UN

1- Israel is United Nations full member now .
2- Bangladesh expelled from alliance .
2`- They didn't reach the minimum growth rate to be on the alliance....
2``- They got PTO with an outsider ....
3- The alliance approved the nap with USA to be Implemented.

The 3rd HQ of the United Nations is:
Supreme Commander's : dane Ciia
Vice Commander : jo00XD
Military Commander's : andr5452
Press Director : dane

Now our members are : Iran , India , Indonesia , Israel , Philippines , Spain , Mexico , Taiwan, China and Canada
Portugal As pro member

PS. we need some one for avatars and ... (we will give salary)

#1 USA will close wars with China, Mexico .
#2 USA will capture CEC, then close war with Canada.
#3 The US agrees not to attack Canada, China, Mexico or Spain, except to recapture CEC if liberated.
#4 US agrees to pay Canada 100% of tax revenue from CEC on a weekly basis in either Gold or USD, as Canada Prefers.
#5 Canada, China, Mexico and Spain agree not to attack the United States.

<This NAP will be executed when all the orgs sign this article ...>

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Comments (49)
15-10-2013 8:48:10
(5 years ago)


13-10-2013 20:54:49
(5 years ago)


13-10-2013 20:34:18
(5 years ago)


some Advice:
- read laws
-be realist !
You cant insult any nation or anybody !


ولکن گو فاک یور سلف بیچ

13-10-2013 18:37:00
(5 years ago)

b( O,o )d

13-10-2013 18:35:54
(5 years ago)

Dear Friends from India,

Greetings for "Durga Puja"

This is my apology to all u guys from India, hope u can understand the situation from where I did this mistake. Sorry, it's my bad, i Apologize 4 my previous comment, actually i lost my control over my anger as Bcoz he dane made a wrong decision & just like, kick out my country from UN & for this reason we r in big trouble, as a new country we couldn't being that much strong/powerful yet to defend our freedom from the enemies without any help from Allies, so we r in threat of losing our freedom just Bcoz of him, He is the Culprit not the whole nation, i can understand that, um really sorry & feeling shame to all great Indians but not to that guy dane , he is a criminal. That’s all i've 2 say!

Thank you.
Have a Good day!

13-10-2013 17:45:21
(5 years ago)

ایها الدانه،انا دخیل،انا دخیل،لا فاک بنگلادش،فاک امریکا لدفن‎:-D‎

13-10-2013 16:02:18
(5 years ago)

ولكن أنت مضحك:

13-10-2013 15:39:11
(5 years ago)


i can abuse you guys too .. but get ur facts right ..he is not Indian he is an Iranian

13-10-2013 14:51:10
(5 years ago)

Bullshit of an Indian asshole dane

13-10-2013 14:48:37
(5 years ago)


13-10-2013 13:05:51
(5 years ago)


13-10-2013 13:03:42
(5 years ago)

good luck

13-10-2013 11:46:54
(5 years ago)

And Ireland ??

13-10-2013 10:15:12
(5 years ago)


13-10-2013 8:52:48
(5 years ago)

dane , info about that avatar? I'll make one.

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