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------ANONYMOUS RECRUITING LAST 3 SPOTS------ (Old article)
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AnonyMoUs recruiting

AnonymoUsPT is recruiting for our final empty spots

Regarding supplies, we have this system:

Right after the Day change, we send to all players that have worked last two days, the following:

- 10 food q5
- 50 weapons q1
- 2 ticket q1

Then, during the day, we send the following supplies to the players that enter our MU CHAT :

- 5 food q5
- 15 gifts q5
- 100 weapons q1

So, in total, the supplies are 15 food q5 + 15 gifts q5 + 150 weapons q1 + 2 tikets q1

We send the 10food + 50 weap + 2 tickets to all after the day Change, so that the players that can´t join the MU Chat can fight as well, and be rewarded for their work on MU companies.

We use this distribuition system because we want to be as cooordinated as possible, so all Mu players will have to come to our MU CHAT to get the full supplies, and that way they fight in Mu orders and when its needed, so that the damage could be more effective.

On the even days, we give full supplies to all MU players for only 3 gold (half the normal price)

If we sell damage (regardless its even or odd day, we send full supplies to our members)

We also have a equipment storage where we loan equipmentes to eachother.

if someone has a poor equipment set, we lend some equips to him and he keeps it untill he gets better ones.

There are some requirements to join our MU:

- To work on one of the Mu companies.
- To fight on our Mu orders
- To send half the Battle hero medal 82.5 gold) on the free supplies day.
- Be active and try to come to Mu chat at least once a day, to know where to fight, and also to interact to other members.
- To have economic skill above 8

Our entree fee is quite cheap

Entree fee - 10 GOLD

If you are wondering why you should join..... well i consider our MU more then a place where you work and get supplies, we are a family....
LAst August we celebrated 1year old, and we still have more then half the players that joined on the day we started.

We try to help and motivate all players to become stronger everyday, and thats our main goal.

So??? What are you waiting to join us????

Only 4 Spots left.... so hurry up!!!!




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