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[RS/EN/RU] My life in Serbia (Fun)
Posted 4 years ago by

Articles in what language you prefer to read?
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Good day, dear readers!

I have some subjects for articles, but now i have only 1 question without which I can't write and it's above.

I ask you to take into account that the easiest variant for me is Russian and the most difficult is Serbian.

If you has something to say about this situation, please write a comment. And ofc subscribe not to miss next article.

Христос Воскресе!

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Comments (3)
13-04-2015 4:06:15
(4 years ago)

Воистину Воскресе

13-04-2015 0:26:35
(4 years ago)

BalHed, я планирую статистику выпускать, думаю и тебе интересно будет, а то нынче совсем скучно в мировой прессе

13-04-2015 0:23:14
(4 years ago)

И главный вопрос: нафига я на тебя подписан? (((((

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