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[Updated] Open Letter to eSim staff (Old article)
Posted 5 years ago by

As you may have noticed, adding the “Buy Gold” option on Primera server has created a lot of reactions, mainly negative ones.

It seems clear that most players do not want this option last over time but on the contrary they want it deleted ASAP. The lack of communication didn’t work out in your favour and we only wish to open a direct dialogue and a debate with the entire eSim staff because we are aware and we understand that to financially support the game, a contribution from players is required. The eSim community seems to agree that you cannot break the balance of the game.

With this in mind, we make a step toward you and we’ll propose some ideas that might be a perfect compromise. Those ideas stand as a replacement of the “Buy Gold” options which makes a too big unbalance between players and inside the game economy.

1. Reopening of the fundraising system for new modules

Firstly, we propose to get back online the fundraising system. It has only been used for three modules and yet those three modules reached their financial goals as a proof of the community support. Those financial goals were probably too low because of your will to include only the real cost of the module regardless to the entire game cost. This system might be a huge and considerable money input while proposing some important game features and making it always more attractive and of course renewing the interest for the oldest players.

Lately, it could have been possible to use this system to raise funds for the equipment module or the new design or even the new map. It could have been an important financial support.

Besides, we wish to bring your attention on the fact that, despite the extravagance of player’s proposals, it sometimes happened that they are excellent and really promising. That’s why we think that you should listen more even if we know that it is a lot of work.

2. Transparency: quantified target

Secondly, we propose a complete transparency on your financial targets. We mean real quantified targets (ex: xx€ for servers, xx€ for salaries, xx€ on marketing, etc.) allowing us to better understand the difficulties of you company IRL. This way, players will know exactly were the money is going when using the “donate” module, and get a sum up of all expenses and income.
Allowing a proper and honest monitoring can only make players want to invest themselves otherwise than simple regular clicks. Transparency and communication are the key which leads to trust.

3. Replacement of the “premium account” by selling some “packs options”

A point which seems primordial to us is the non working premium account. As far as we know of the eSim difficulties, we can deduce that the premium account does not work as intended. If the eSim staff has some statistics on premium purchase (in € not in G) to contradict us, we’ll be glad to know them.
A first solution is to add more feature to it but history has shown that the only time it works was when adding the strength bonus which unbalance the game in our opinion (but this is another debate). That’s why we won’t propose options like this but we’d rather prefer to suggest a pure and simple deletion of the premium account.

As a replacement, we suggest to sell some packs of features, to buy on demand every single options from the old premium. We strongly think that a lot of people would be ready to pay for small options if they know that it is for ever.
In addition to theses old options, we could imagine some packs which offers more features like further BBcode in shouts or articles, an enhancement of the characters limit, the possibility to modify a bit the general colors of esim (just like a skin pack), offer the ability to modify the design, organization or anything of your profile, adding the possibility to change/add the shortcuts of the citizen panel on the left, adding an editable description text on your profile, or even receive mail alerts just like IG alerts to always be aware of what’s going on and configurable by type, etc.
This offers huge possibilities with some imagination without creating a unbalance between players. We surely do not intend to make a full list and we, players and esim staff, can find better ideas, no doubt on it.
Packs options prices will vary depending of the feature but we hope that the multiplication of those “micro-transactions” will bring a consequent financial support at the end.

4. Ads to clic willingly

Why not simply put some ads in a special page where people who want to help the game can clic on them and bring money. For sure a lot of us will add this daily task by themselves just like they vote for free for eSim in some website to promote the game in their country and bring some players. It can be a continuous cash flow, even if it will be probably low.
We can also imagine a special achievement for people who will do it for x days in a row. Or a special counter on their profile to indicate the level of support of this citizen (it can be combined with the others financial support solutions to reward morally the player).

5. Intra-eSim Ads

This will simply consist to propose to players, against a small amount of money, the possibility to make some advertisement directly on eSim pages and only for eSim campaign. It could be for anything, such as promote a stock market company, an article, your candidature to an election, recruitment for your MU or to get it know for mercenary contract, etc. In brief, anything related to eSim.

This will open a lot of possibilities and for a small amount of money, some players could use it for their own ads and, in the meantime, help the game with their means.


All of this are just some ideas in order to develop the game in a fair way, between player desire and yours. We do not hold the absolute truth but we think that thoses proposals are viable and they deserve to be seriously considered. This way eSim can continue under the best possible auspices and that everyone will get what they want. We do not say that it’s easy to do but only that it is feasible.

We will say it again, we are strongly against the “Buy Gold” option which will destroy slowly this game and finally create a unbalance between players. This said, we really understand that there is a financial need to have a continuity and a proper development of this game. That’s the whole point of our approach.

We simply ask you to be read and that a deep reflexion will be made to figure out, together, a solution to let the game live as well as its community which has proved his attachment to the game and that’s probably why we saw so much virulent reactions. However, this same community includes people with the skills and the will to help you voluntary to make eSim a great game.

We also invite you to contact us for further informations or any question. We really hope to get an answer to this open letter from the eSim staff, even if this is a negative answer but, for sure, with some explanations and arguments. We strongly believe that you owe that to your faithful community which is loyal to you for so long now...

Finally, we also ask you, players, to support this approach if you think it right by voting this article and shouting it in your country feed or if you feel able to, translate it into your language and publish it in your country.

Best regards,
Doomshine and kopko , just two old eSim players trying to be constructive amongst ragequits and trolls.


Update : We've received an answer from Railman. We would like to thank him and the staff for taking the time to read our letter.


Thank you for your troubles.
We prefer to use the current payment system, because its working well.
I wasted over a year trying premium accounts and adds - its simply not giving money, that was my biggest mistake since players don't really care about gold buyers. For example secura was all the time getting more and more players although it was possible to buy gold.

Now it's time to develop the game

Thank you once more time!

It seems clear that this option won't be deleted, this is a final decision. As long as there will be some people ready to pay for gold, they won't consider alternatives which may not work as well as "Buy gold" option.

Now it's up to everyone to make a decision to leave or to stay, depending on how this change affects their way of enjoying this game.

Thanks again to Railman for the answer, it is really appreciated.

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Comments (41)
04-09-2013 22:16:00
(5 years ago)

I think it's time to merge the servers if possible

04-09-2013 20:58:35
(5 years ago)

If both server will be the SAME, why not merge together?

My country losing player as there are 2 server. fun is dropping.

Then merge it together if you intend to do so.

04-09-2013 20:45:44
(5 years ago)

Why dont you make a game and maintain it WITHOUT ANY INCOME?

04-09-2013 18:28:41
(5 years ago)

Ok, I'll leave

04-09-2013 17:54:35
(5 years ago)


04-09-2013 17:45:53
(5 years ago)

tl;dr but agree!

04-09-2013 17:12:11
(5 years ago)

Perhaps Railman is not clear on one 'small' point: WITHOUT PLAYERS THERE IS NO E-SIM PRIMERA. He already gets his cash on SECURA and that 'buy gold' option NOT being in PRIMERA is the reason why, apparently, about 80% of us are still in this game and not in the MONEYPIT SECURA.

04-09-2013 15:53:44
(5 years ago)


04-09-2013 15:13:40
(5 years ago)

Railman want "GOLD BUYERS" not players who plays with brains. So we can vote or not, for him this buy gold module seems okey.

04-09-2013 14:39:07
(5 years ago)


04-09-2013 14:29:00
(5 years ago)


04-09-2013 14:10:59
(5 years ago)

After the update, my decision is clear : I quit the game.

Thanks Doomshine for the follow-up

04-09-2013 12:22:13
(5 years ago)

Signed !!!

04-09-2013 11:02:40
(5 years ago)

+10 000 ♥

04-09-2013 10:51:07
(5 years ago)


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