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MU- EQUIPMENT [IDEA] (Old article)
Posted 5 years ago by


Dear Readers,
Welcome to my new article on Military Unit Equipment Lending!!!


The Equipment Module has been with for
over half a year now of which hopefully everyone, after a large number of
people leaving, has to come to
terms with it and has finally become part of the game.

In this new era of equipment, without it is practically
impossible to reach the top of the game- and for those at the top, to maintain
their world ranking. Because of the equipment , more
things were introduced,
like the AUCTIONS which have made it easier to sell
and trade our goods at reasonable prices.
Now, it is finally time to take it one step further….

Now, assuming that all Military Leaders are the same, it would be natural for their
wish to be able to have their MU to be the top in the world.
that is only possible through people’s
commitment with the game and for now, it is the player’s own responsibility to find their own equipment so that that don’t keep on
hitting the dreaded 0 damage which lead to a high demand of

”reduce miss chance by …%”


The people who choose not to go and madly bid for such items inevitably
drag the MU because of the lack of damage that
they are able to produce,
thus they become the people who are dragging the MU from reaching its best and may not be their own fault in anyway.

But this doesn’t have to be if the MU itself is able to supply equipment
as any normal MU should be able to do in exactly the same way it supplies


So, obviously, equipment should be able to be donated in exactly
the same way you would able to donate money and other food which will then go into storage in
the MU’s inventory.
Distribution of the equipment would on the other hand be different from distributing all of the everyday supplies of food and will work more like a loan.
By putting a tick box next to the equipment and
each person’s name in the MU
it should be as simple as ticking the equipment and the person’s name
and then pressing a button labelled [/b]issue[b].
When it has been issued, you should be able to see the person’s
name next the equipment with a button withdraw when there is any requirement.

I hope you enjoyed this article and of course….

By setheom

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