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WIC and TS Reaction to LIT propaganda stories! (Old article)
Posted 6 years ago by

So i´ll start with telling you ppl that my english aint perfect.
But since the last days LIT have been crying alot telling us we are mean to try wipe them out.

We Will beat you down, We will hold you occupied for as long time as you held us all under your powers.

When you cry out loud we are like

You will always keep crying untill we feel like letting your country back in your hands.
We will make you obey our orders like you tried to pressure us to the limits.

And we will still be like

When you cry out loud in all your propgaganda articles.

Do your homeland gonna feel like a prison?
Well here you got some of our upcoming prisonguards talking about the all the LIthuanian ppl leaving this game after a few months occopation

AND ofc some Boobies!

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Nu söker vi arbetskraft igen! (6 years ago)

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24-06-2013 2:38:06
(6 years ago)


24-06-2013 2:21:37
(6 years ago)

>Phoenix and Specters make propaganda for months about how evil G7 is
>Finally win
>Gloat endlessly
>Call Lithianian propaganda 'butthurt'
>Does not realize they imply they spent 9 months being butthurt

What will you guys ever do without G7 to be pissed at?

24-06-2013 0:48:27
(6 years ago)

blablabla just come and get us

24-06-2013 0:40:47
(6 years ago)

it will be fun...

23-06-2013 22:05:11
(6 years ago)

PandaLT when will you write propaganda article so we could laugh a bit more?

23-06-2013 21:13:11
(6 years ago)

Or maybe you think Spectres and WiC will last forever? Really?

Yeah, sure

23-06-2013 21:10:37
(6 years ago)

If WiC or Spectres will take us and will hold us more the 2 months (LT without PL help or PL without LT help), you will create world history. And if you in some strange way manage to keep us both for 2+ months - i will write public article, about me telling propaganda, about how wrong i am. But if not... I will every time, when i have the chance, remind you about my words - there is no alliance, who can day by day, week by week, month by month fight in battles, that they are not theirs. In battles, that does not makes any sense (except "you rule the world, now we will show you your place" - and even then, how long will you spend your gold just to satisfy your hate?).

And remember, what will happen after that - all countries and moves will be remembered, so after we will have power again, some or most of them will be deleted.

It's easy to say "delete them" for Greece or other countries, that are far from us and can hide under other countries back - they don't risk anything.

23-06-2013 20:44:44
(6 years ago)

So what are you waiting for bi***s? We still have our core regions and some colonies. C'mon, try to occupy us

23-06-2013 20:15:38
(6 years ago)

Linnew10 that is our power

23-06-2013 20:12:12
(6 years ago)

Oh, so scared.. you could not hold us under occupation for a long time anyway, so stop talking nonsense

23-06-2013 20:04:52
(6 years ago)

We Will beat you down, We will hold you occupied for as long time as you held us all under your powers.

If you should live so long

23-06-2013 19:56:46
(6 years ago)

Slovenians are truly the best at commenting first....

23-06-2013 16:13:48
(6 years ago)


23-06-2013 15:04:49
(6 years ago)


23-06-2013 14:07:40
(6 years ago)


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