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Interview with Orlandio, the interviewer! (Old article)
Posted 7 years ago by

by Pentito

Dear citizens all over the world,
Lastly, I'm sure you all noticed the great activity of Orlandio in making many (12 if I'm not wrong ) excellent interviews, to CPs, willing CPs, Game operators or to important players in general. Of course I suggest to follow his newspaper, Orlandio's Apple , and also to read old articles, if you haven't done it yet .
Today the famous interviewer will change role, and will finally become the interviewed, as he was "secretly" wishing... Let's give a look to this talk
16:59:02: <Pentito> Orlandio: interview yourself
16:59:08: <Orlandio> yah, "I better read the interview because I have no idea who this guy is"
16:59:18: <janniemoney> haha idd
16:59:49: <Orlandio> Pentito, I keep waiting and waiting and waiting for someone to do an interview with me...
16:59:52: <Pentito> i read your interview to columbian banned CP, and it was very very funny
16:59:57: <Pentito> ook!!!
17:00:02: <Pentito> now i know, muahahaha
17:00:08: <Orlandio> I mean I AM a CP and all the otehr CPs get an interview
17:00:09: <Pentito> i'll do it one day
17:01:00: <Pentito> tomorrow you'll receive a PM from me Orlandio o/
Now, enjoy the reading!

1. Greetings Orlandio , 4x Estonian CP and famous redactor
1. Hello-Yello-Kellow-Pillow Pentito , famous congress member and journalist of Italy

2. Until today, you were always used to listen to people answering your questions... How do you feel being on the other side of the interview?
2. I actually was quite sure you're gonna ask this question so I made an answer for it in front - "Well, Pentito , I'm glad to be on the other side for once"!

3. LOL, I'll try to be more unpredictable from now on xD. Why did you decide to start a career as journalist?
3. Oh well, I was the CP of Estonia for a long time but you know, after months of doing something like that it can become quite boring... So I quit as the CP and since I was still bored, I started to get MM... And as it turned out, I like this so called journalism.

4. At the beginning were you inspired by any other journalist, or do you have a sort of "spiritual guide" ?
4. There was no real "legends" that I would've idolized... So I guess it was the 2nd choice, the guide-thing. I just like writing and I wanted to get MM, to eventually get the achievement for having all the medals... I'm kinda past that 1st MM medal point now, though.

5. All your success must be based on a secret, and now I want to know it . How do you usually program the questions you will ask to the willing CP (or CP)?
5. You wanna know the secret? Okay, well firstly - someone writes me, suggesting me to interview theirselves or someone other... After that I just ping that guy in IRC and completely improvise all the questions (not always, but usually I don't make the questions up front or anything).
The interview usually just takes it's path, depending on the answers that people give me. But no, I don't sit around for hours trying to figure out the perfect questions, if you mean something like that.

6. This "technician" is rather curious, and it seems that yours is not a full-time job... how much time does it take to make up a new question?
6. That's be couple of minutes... They usually come to me real easy and fast, I think maximum amount of time for a question has been around 4-5 minutes

7. Ok, but this makes me think that you have some natural skills that maybe not all the people have: in your opinion can everyone succeed in making good interviews?
7. I'm pretty self-centered so I'd say - no, only I have got this gift! But with all seriousness, not all has the talent but I think that many players could.

8. Talking about something else - Do you think that giving the opportunity to CPs to express themselves will help to avoid misunderstanding, and to promote communication between different countries? Or is "fun" your only purpose?
8. I don't quite understand, what you mean by "expressing"?... My opinion on CP and "fun", though, is that they don't belong together. CP "job" is for people who want to help their country without gaining but rather giving to the country. It is not for fun, it's very time-consuming and hard.

9. Sorry, there was a little misunderstanding... What I actually meant in my last question - but where it got a bit confusing - you make interviews in order to give the possibility to the CPs to express their own ideas or only for the fun of the readers?
9. I just decided that I like to do interviews. It's always a lot of reading so it doesn't get as much votes as some other articles (like the gifs from plopilou for example, which btw are real great... you've got a talent for humour, French guy) but yes, it gives CPs a way to "express themselves". Basicly, what I want, is to have an overview on Global relations and politics. I want to have that overview myself but I also want everyone interested in this game to have it. And secondly, knowing the hard and frustrating work of being a CP, my interview series hopefully give all those selfless CPs a chance to tell their story and perhaps get some fame out of their hard work.

10. That's very important of course . Now the last and the easiest question: do you want a pic of "the Beatles" at the end of the article?
10. Of course, that should be elementary.

The interview is over now, thank you and good luck with your activity in the future o/
Hey, that was my catchline... but okay, you can take it... bb

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