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CUP stats and analysis (Old article)
Posted 8 years ago by

Hey people National Team Cup has ended so lets so some analysis and statistics.


In my opinion this event was better than World War event. Why? Because it lasted few days (not like WW) and here was more than 2 teams. These few days gave us fresh air breath from borring battles between G7 and Spectres (and other countries too).

The next question what would be happened if teams were fighting by another order. For example what if Red fighted against Grey or Grey against Blue (Blue made really awesome job against Red) in first match. Ofc everything would be differently. I think Grey maybe would be failed. Who knows... Well next time (if it will be) we will see.

Now for your joy and happines I want to anounce

bare hands 306714
q1 895107
q2 16924
q3 40690
q4 3456
q5 118774

bare hands 99859
q1 354608
q2 8248
q3 17627
q4 1802
q5 48306

bare hands 111530
q1 294577
q2 5388
q3 13084
q4 1169
q5 31969

bare hands 95325
q1 245922
q2 3288
q3 9979
q4 485
q5 38499

GREY 204443
RED 246411
ORANGE 167873
BLUE 189205
GREEN 157288
PINK 156622
BROWN 145938
YELLOW 113885

GREY 62799
RED 79153
ORANGE 82307
BLUE 66836
GREEN 106432
PINK 52836
BROWN 80849
YELLOW 46112

GREY 60206
RED 106581
BROWN 46904
ORANGE 32832
BLUE 93673
GREEN 60456
PINK 41759
YELLOW 42937

GREY 81438
RED 60677
ORANGE 40120
BROWN 30799
BLUE 28696
GREEN 62693
PINK 67573
YELLOW 21502

Team statistics

bare hands 42992
q1 134076
q2 759
q3 5125
q4 359
q5 21132

bare hands 30823
q1 100810
q2 2434
q3 4612
q4 265
q5 14749

bare hands 55278
q1 158608
q2 3297
q3 7418
q4 672
q5 21138

bare hands 42222
q1 130710
q2 2992
q3 6852
q4 473
q5 23937

bare hands 35286
q1 110855
q2 2856
q3 5300
q4 611
q5 12965

bare hands 38706
q1 110156
q2 2155
q3 4243
q4 710
q5 13781

bare hands 36397
q1 126073
q2 2052
q3 3646
q4 337
q5 20700

bare hands 46406
q1 139866
q2 3014
q3 4457
q4 434
q5 12082

bare hands 44067
q1 88195
q2 2066
q3 7909
q4 220
q5 14831

bare hands 42391
q1 116455
q2 1791
q3 4522
q4 308
q5 14084

bare hands 31117
q1 107990
q2 1977
q3 2978
q4 242
q5 12318

bare hands 37947
q1 101406
q2 741
q3 5482
q4 535
q5 12213

bare hands 33911
q1 94758
q2 1677
q3 5603
q4 916
q5 9073

bare hands 29727
q1 94874
q2 3131
q3 4816
q4 617
q5 12123

bare hands 27666
q1 74552
q2 2240
q3 2711
q4 99
q5 6617

bare hands 33705
q1 86338
q2 1801
q3 5836
q4 175
q5 11539

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