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Hungary officially leaves the Phoenix (Old article)
Posted 6 years ago by

Official announcement from the eHungarian Government

Hereby we officially declare that eHungary quits the Phoenix alliance. The alliance has reached a point, where it is no more capable of accomplishing its original goals. In our opinion, the alliance is technically dead. The Phoenix grew way too large and their members cannot communicate with each other like a year ago, at the creation of Phoenix. The many open fronts and the losses on them justly made the members think, that they are basically on their own. This problem could be traced back to the fact, that some countries rarely did the effort to support their allies.

In the past months, the members followed a somewhat egocentric strategy - even if in different ways. While some of them spent big money, when it was not really necessary, others were inactive and tried to build up reserves. The policy of most members was to survive and vegetate using least money possible.

The Phoenix is now like a dying whale, too heavy and tired to move. However, we don’t want to cut any military and diplomatic ties with allied countries, but we don’t need the frame of the Phoenix any more. Simultaneously with this declaration, the eSerbian government makes its own, revealing a similar eSerbian move. Thus, two of its founder members and the two most powerful countries leave the alliance. We will maintain the good relationships with the countries we supported in the Phoenix, however we claim the right to seek new roads, challenges and new friends.

Meanwhile, talks have been started with eMacedonia and eTurkey about a tighter cooperation, with a better controlled military and closer areas of interests. eHungary does not want to operate outside of any alliance, however we don’t want to stay in the Phoenix in its present form.

with special respect,
President of eHungary

in the name of the eHungarian government

Translated by Nalaja

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Comments (9)
17-04-2013 23:41:39
(6 years ago)

ezt se DJozike se egyik helytartója sem hagyta jóvá szóval érvénytelen volt az egész kilépéses szarság.

17-04-2013 6:02:19
(6 years ago)

Peace at home! peace in the world!

16-04-2013 22:42:24
(6 years ago)


16-04-2013 22:39:56
(6 years ago)

Belinkeltem g7 főhadiszállásban

16-04-2013 22:39:11
(6 years ago)

jah ide

16-04-2013 22:39:00
(6 years ago)


16-04-2013 22:38:00
(6 years ago)

Isn't this joke getting old already?

16-04-2013 22:37:57
(6 years ago)

Voted. Approoved.

16-04-2013 22:35:12
(6 years ago)

ezt ide akartad?

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