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A41 = Lithuanie ? (Old article)
Posted 7 years ago by

Bonjour à tous.

Aujourd'hui, je souhaite écrire un article, pour vous relater l'esprit de soit disant "alliance" de A41.
Tout d'abord il es bon de savoir, que A41 est sous contrôle Lithuanien, est à la botte de ce pays, qui veut exterminer tout ceux qui se trouvent sur son passage, excepté la Bulgarie, car ils sont aussi puissant qu'eux.
La France, comme l'Italie avant eux, a été exclue de A41 pour cause d'inactivitée (à la rigueur ça c'est compréhensible) mais c'est pas la cause majeure. La vrai raison, est, que nous Français, nous souhaitons faire une union économique avec nos voisin européens. Et dans ces pays voisins, il y a l'Espagne, pays que sa majesté la Lithuanie veut exterminer. La Lithuanie nous avait proposé un plan, qui consistait à passer à travers la France, pour pouvoir attaquer l'Espagne ensuite. Plan que la France n'as pas souhaité qu'il soit mis en exécution. Et bien évidemment cela n'a pas plut à l'empereur de Lithuanie. Donc pour ce refus la Lithuanie a fait jouer sa puissance auprés de certains membres de A41 pour demander notre exclusion. Chose qui est acté à l'heure où je vous parle.

La France ne comprends pas pourquoi la Lithuanie veut à tout prix éradiquer l'Espagne, n'ont ils pas assez de régions ? Donc une fois que la Lithuanie aura écrasé la France et l'Espagne, à qui le tour ? Et à qui le tour d'être exclu de A41 ? Suéde ? Gréce ? Brasil ?

Je tenais donc à vous informer de ce qui se passe réellement au sein de A41. Et la France s'attend à avoir trés rapidement une guerre qui va les anéantir, et agrandir un peu plus les Lithuaniens, qui on auront jamais assez.

Bien à vous.

Lithuanie =

Hello all.

Today I want to write an article to tell you about the spirit of so-called "alliance" of A41.
First there are good to know that A41 is controlled Lithuanian, is to boot from that country who wants to exterminate all those who are in its path, except for Bulgaria, because they are so powerful they are.
France, like Italy before them, was excluded from A41 due to inactivity (strictly speaking this is understandable) but it is not the major cause. The real reason is, we French, we want to an economic union with our European neighbors. And in these neighboring countries, there is Spain, a country that his majesty Lithuania wants to exterminate. Lithuania we had proposed a plan which was to pass through France to Spain to attack next. Plan that France did not want it to be put into execution. And of course this has not pleased the Emperor of Lithuania. So for this refusal Lithuania has made his power play with some members of our A41 to request exclusion. thing is an act at a time when I speak.

France does not understand why Lithuania is bent on eradicating Spain, they do not have enough region ? So once Lithuania has crushed France and Spain, who's next?Sweden? Greece? Brasil?

So I wanted to let you know what is really happening in A41. And France is expected to have very soon a war that will destroy them, and expand a little more the Lithuanians, who will be enough.

Lithunia = ?

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Comments (69)
20-02-2012 9:19:20
(7 years ago)


Le mien ici !

29-10-2011 20:46:32
(7 years ago)

well, well, well, i have just one question. Why A41 allowed a alliance between Brazil and Spain, and why A41 (Lithuania) refused a alliance between France and Spain ? It's because France is a small country and it's more easy to eradic this country ?

29-10-2011 20:44:38
(7 years ago)

jerry de la France qui se fait virer de son alliance... en meme temps avec Valen pour nous représenter

29-10-2011 16:28:14
(7 years ago)

Thank you, Lithuania, for saving our shitty country from being free, and give us the opportunity to be your slaves. Thank you Lithuania for attaking our friends who tried to stop you from saving us. Is it what we should say?


29-10-2011 16:02:04
(7 years ago)

I don't think you're traitors, I just think you're a bit out of reality and made wrong decisions. You can't provide a good enough reason why you'd decide to block Lithuania from taking the spanish region. That thing about the economic union is some utopia you guys are living in.

About your previous post, there are ways around it.

Adoze, no I never said that. You should make a BB to develop. Lithuanian occupation could even help you through the initial stages of your future BB, your babies will be able to advance fast with good wages and cheap products to fight with and you'd even have a strong national goal to unite around.

About your offer for people to come and build companies, they'd do it, but when there is no working force they'd be forced to close them. The conqueror will bring the working force with them.

29-10-2011 15:46:10
(7 years ago)

Oh, just shut up already. You are not the one country who should scream. We are going for Spain. And you are in the fucking way. Now, move, or be eaten.

Just bitching around, no co-operation, even trying to protect the other country. It appears, I should reconsider about "not needing of France regions".

Even thrown out of the alliance, I still want to keep my word - France can get the regions back. But you are trying to make it as hard as you can, aren't you?

You didn't want to reason and now only screaming "We are victims, we are victims". So scream as loud as you can, it is your choice. Just don't lie and twist words, you won't accomplish anything.

29-10-2011 14:47:52
(7 years ago)

Yes karigaila or Alex_BG, you are right, it's only a game and do not worry, we take it as it is.

And we also understand very well the game situation, the big countries of A41 want more easy preys so they are using whatever reason to attack smaller countries, even countries like France who were part of the alliance.

Two days ago, we thought there may be a misunderstanding with some CP of the alliance. Now it's clear that the CP of LT, BG or USA mostly don't care about the fact that we are traitors or not, they just want to attack us and will use whatever reason for that.

The sad part is that they are still trying to convince their people that they have good reasons for attacking us.

29-10-2011 14:42:03
(7 years ago)

That's why Lithuania is the best country in the world

29-10-2011 12:18:06
(7 years ago)

Karigaila I'm not asshole if you are asshole than it's your problem not mine.


29-10-2011 12:14:07
(7 years ago)

Karigaila speak for urself, im not an asshole ;d

29-10-2011 12:06:06
(7 years ago)

France all you said is really true. But we are sorry, this is game, we want entertainment, which is war. Noone to fight = no entertainment. So the weakest link is a purpose to get more entertainment. French is the weakest link. Hope you get my idea. Yes you will lose this war. But i`m glad you are smart and understand the situation properly. Sorry, we are assholes.

29-10-2011 12:05:31
(7 years ago)

Adoze mate +1 but be aweare that they fell like they poses the world ano no force can harm them but they 're really wrong and they're going down

29-10-2011 11:48:55
(7 years ago)

We will exterminate you!!!!

29-10-2011 11:27:12
(7 years ago)

litwo ojczyzno moja


29-10-2011 11:18:06
(7 years ago)

Spain u mad ?

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