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Operation Poland (Old article)
Posted 9 years ago by

Helo eWorld
Many of you do not know me! But after past 4 days I met a lot of new people. I am one of the players who helped organize the attack on Poland, with other mambers of Guerrilla like Blackadder , Matevzs1 , Lynky , doki and me Conqueror1235 . Yesterday Matevzs1 wrote an article] Operation: Poland you can't have them all! so I wrote how was the operation prepared, who participated in this operation and what now.
Like Blackadder commented in the last article; our Guerrilla mambers did not have command to attack on day 486, so we officers decided to open some RW to go to BH. We looked at the map and Blackadder made a proposal why dont we open RW in Czech Silesia. First we laughed, after that silence and the next step was YES WHY NOT.
doki is CP of Czech Republic so he opend RW. Fist plan was to heve fun and take as much BH as we can. But after that we had a discussion, why dont we attack Poland. We all agreed to try this. Lynky , has good connections with some of the great MUs. He contacted Berserker Wolves , then we conected with EX YU FIGHTERS , Red Brigade 2 , Profi Si , Samson and some other MUs like TEH TROLLYMPIANS but they could not help us becouse of NAP.
Frst Guerrilla took over Czech Silesia . All of our members were 24h active on chet. Our attack was organized with no overkill, like we do in other battles which we are paid for. Than we had some problems how to attack Poland, becouse Czech congress is offline and we could not declare war to Poland. So we decited to open new RW Sudetsko . First we wanted, that this battle is just a drain, but then we saw that we can take Sudestsko too. Guerrilla and other MUs took over Sudetsko too, but Poland declared war, so we were waiting for them to attack us. This attack happend in Czech Silesia . Than we have been forced to defend this region and take the initiative in the war. We succeed with our allied MUs. Than we had 24h to prepare to attack on Poland Silesia. Those were my best 24h in eSim. We knew that attacking Poland will be hard to defeat. We opened a few RW all over the eWorld and wait till 23:50 to open attack on Poland. In first round before DC we made a huge wall 32mio dmg, but Poland troops spent a lot of gold and they were good organized so we had no chance to win first round. After first round we made a mistake which cost us, I think, a lot. I will not accuse nobody because I agreed with the plan, which it failed to.
Anyway in epic battle we lost Silesia . I am sorry that Poland did not understaind the message, that this game is for fun; one day win one country, other day loose another. eSim with two biggest nations together is just not fun and pointless.
I would like to thx to all, especialy to next players:
Devars : commander Bunkurs 13 organized all Latvian troops, donate gold, support and equipment...
Greg4x : commander EX YU Fighters , support and equipment...
InfraredWar and MaoChao : commander Red Brigade 2 , plan, gold, support and equipment...
Nauparac and Zeming08 : commander Cavalry , plan, gold, support and equipment...
rkiIler9999 : commander Berserker Wolves , plan, gold, support and equipment...
nevo1234 : commander Samson , gold, support and equipment...
kiavash : commander LAW , gold, support and equipment...
Kriegsgott : coordinating plan, support, gold and equipment... and ofc arguing
sashoz : my good friend known like PiChan who halped me a lot with coordinating plan ty a lot

If I missed someone, is not becouse I did not want to mention you but in past 4 days I met a lot of new people,talk with more then 100 people, so I am sorry if I forgot someone. All of you who know me I know you so if you help me I will remember you, if we talk again
And now my Guerrillians. You all know what we have done in past 4 days. You were amazing, still are. I will not mention each one because we all know what we have done. Now I can not tell you what will I do in the future. I will step back for a while and think, or I will quit the game, 2 click, or maybe I will continue playing
I have just one question for Polnad. You know that you are unbeatable, so pls think about new alliance because the game is not more fun if we know that you can get all eWorld.
I will give you just one example: if you are playing the game and you can not get to the next level, what will you do? You will try some more and than what? You know what! You will quit! And I just love this game but I think I will quit to, like others did, because is boring to have one nation who rules the eWorld. Just think about it.
Pleas vote to get global, you can also Sub to earn some money to pay my dept for my mistake
El Commandant Conq

P.S.:sorry for my english

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