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Greetings to all the citizens of the E-World.

I have the honor of introducing a unique opportunity for you to with your creativity, your work and knowledge, get very attractive and large prizes, while having fun.

By this article we present “International Prize Contest – Tigers”. Be creative, resourceful, be the best, be like a Tiger, be yourself and win a great prize.

The meaning of announcing the competition is socializing, sharing experiences, points of view and knowledge, during which we will choose the best avatar for the union of two elite military units Tigers and Tiger Cubs!!

The competition begins with the publication of this article and runs until end of the year 2012. (31.12.2012. untill 23:59 pm)

The prize fund is 45 gold:

1st place 20 Gold

2nd place 15 Gold

3rd place 10 Gold

Criteria for making of the avatars:

1. MUST contain Serbian emblem / flag

2. MUST have a Tiger motive

3. MUST have a good frame

4. Avatar must be fixed

5.Resolution of avatar .......

So that you could be better immersed and engaged in this nice adventure, dear artists we give you the following information:

Military unit Tigers (Tigrovi) was created on the 60th day of the game, by unification of the two military units Unfortunates and Warriors. The Tigers now have great influence and power, and are one of the strongest military units in Serbia and in the whole E-world.

The military unit Tigrici (Tiger cubs) was established on 27.2.2012 (175th day in the world of E-sim) as youth/Academy of the Tigers unit. As the days passed, the unit was strengthening. By strategic plans of management of both units, sacrifice and dedication of the members, we were able to bring the Tiger Cubs to the Elite rank. Therefore the leadership, guided by the strategy of development and improvement, did decide to merge the units together.

That act of unification is commemorated by the avatar which you will have the opportunity to make.

We expect great creativity and fun of course. The competition will be great, and the best will be handsomely rewarded. So participate and win up to 20 gold. Your hands are completely free, we expect interesting and beautiful creations from you.

The contest will run for 8 days, starting from 23.12. to 31.12.2o12 - that is from 475th to 483rd day in the game.

We wish you a good time while working and good luck to all of the contest’s participants.




Pozdrav svim građanima E-sveta,
Imam čast da Vam predstavim jedinstvenu priliku da svojom kreativnošću, svojim radom i znanjem dođete do veoma primamljive i velike nagrade i to sve uz zabavu.
Ovim člankom objavljujemo "Internacionalni Nagradni Konkurs – Tigrovi" budi kreativan, snalažljiv,budi najbolji, budi kao Tigar,budi svoj i osvoji super nagradu.

Smisao raspisivanja samog konkursa jeste druženje, deljenje iskustava, stavova i znanja, tokom kojeg ćemo izabrati najbolji avatar za ujedinjenje dve Elitne vojne jedinice Tigrovi i Tigrici !!!
Konkurs počinje objavom ovog članka i traje do kraja 2012. godine (31.12.2012 do 23:59 časova)

Nagradni fond iznosi 45 Golda:
1.mesto 20 Golda
2.mesto 15 Golda
3.mesto 10 Golda
Kriterijumi za izradu avatara su:
1.Da sadrzi srpski grb/zastavu
2.Da ima motiv Tigra
3.Dobar okvir
4.Avatar mora da bude fiksni
5.Rezolucija avatara …….

U nagradnom konkursu učestvujete tako što u shoot-u člana objavite svoj avatar (link).
Posle isteka konkursa radna komisija, imenovana od strane komande jedinica, donosi odluku i objavljuje rezultate i pobednika ( u roku od 72 h).

Kako biste se bolje udubili i upustili u ovu lepu avanturu dragi umetnici dajemo Vam sledeće informacije:

Vojna Jedinica Tigrovi nastala je 60-og dana u igri, ujedinjenje dve vojne jedinice nesrećnici i Ratnici . Tigrovi sada imaju veliki uticaj i snagu, jedna su od najacih vojnih jedinica u Srbiji pa i u celom E-svetu.

Vojna Jedinica Tigrici je osnovana 27.2.2012. ( Dan 175. u E-sim svetu ) kao podlmadak/akademija vojne jedinice Tigrovi. Kako su dani prolazili, jedinica je jačala. Strateškim planovima rukovodstva obe jedinice , žrtvovanjem i odricanjem članova uspeli smo da i Tigriće dovedemo do ranka Elite. Samim ovim činom rukovodstvo, rukovođeno strategijom razvoja i unapređenja odlučilo je da se jedinice spoje.
Taj vid spajanja upravo će biti obeležen avatarom koji ćete baš Vi biti u prilici da napravite.

Očekujemo veliku kreativnost i zabavu naravno. Konkurencija će biti velika, najbolji će biti lepo nagrađeni. Zato učestvujte i osvojite i do 20 Golda. Ruke su Vam potpuno otvorene, očekujemo zanimljive i lepe kreacije od Vas.

Konkurs traje 8 dana, počevsi od 23.12. do 31.12.2012. tj od dana 475 do 483 u Igri.

Zelimo vam provod tokom rada i sreću svim učesnicima konkursa

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