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The historical day - the day when Lithuania got beaten down (Old article)
Posted 6 years ago by

Day 440 will be remembered as a great day, especially if the upcoming days is successful.
That was the day when the force of 3 countries created chaos and total confussion at the Lithuanians..
Together Sweden, Finland and Latvia made much more damage then Lithuania (Infact only Sweden and Latvia did more damage) and we won 2 battles, 2 extremly important battles.

Day 439 at about 22:00 Sweden started a RW in Götaland and Latvia one RW in Latgalia . Finland had a few hours earlier attacked Åland. The Swedish and Latvian Army had during a couple of days kept this plans a secret, and saved up for a while to maximize the damage fully.

And then it happened, the countries choosed to concentrate on their own battles fully, and thereby forcing the Lithuanian army apart. Many rounds were even and it took alot of damage, but you could see that the panic was devastating to Lithuania and both Sweden and Latvia got a couple of rounds headstart. In the next day 440(18th of November, Latvian Independence Day) sometime in the afternoon, the Lithuanian armys capitulated and Götaland and Latgalia was liberated.

Finland unfortunately lost their battle, but i promise their liberation will happen as soon as Sweden get back their territories,

With this said, once again Sweden shows what amazing strength there are within, that with great willpower and some millions of damage, alongside its friends it can defeat the forces taht are usually referred as unbeatable. Sweden, as it looks has once agains avoided total occupation and dont bow down for anyone or anything. I want to encourage all swedes and allie players to keep fighting, no matter the outcome. It cant be darker then total eclipse. The future can only be bright.

United we stand.
United we fight.
United we fall, only to rise again.

I thank everyone who has been by our side this weekend, fighting for us, financially backing us, cheered for us and hoping for us.
Yours truly
Member of the Swedish congress - Soldier of Solution

PS. Translation made by MidoNyk

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Comments (49)
21-11-2012 19:51:19
(6 years ago)

I have played since day 30, so we are pretty much the same there, but so many of Lituanians are taking so much credit for something very few built up in the first months... And just insulting everyone else (im not saying swedes are better) and I would hate if they did the same when (if) we ever would become the stronger

21-11-2012 17:50:24
(6 years ago)

Tsrug, actually I play this game from "day 19" (primera)...

21-11-2012 17:31:54
(6 years ago)

What has Austrian flag got to do with it?

21-11-2012 17:10:24
(6 years ago)

As i said just bellow your post, its like you and youre 2 friends would have fought me 3v1. You still would have lost, but thats just because im much stronger then you.

21-11-2012 16:54:14
(6 years ago)

The basic idea of this article is that they are proud that they beat lithuania, 3v1

21-11-2012 16:03:47
(6 years ago)

Grandmaster Evision was off-course being ironic.. if you don't understand that you're stupid.. And since Lithuania is 10 times as rich as the 3 other countries, his irony isn't very good. (what did you expect from an a-hole like him )

Just like saying Sweden, Norway and Finland would beat up Russia irl, 3 on 1 .. ha-ha.. Its not about the number of countries, its about the number of players and the total wealth of the country(s)... If you don't understand that ... I don't know how you guys think you are any part of why Lithuania is strong in-game today

21-11-2012 15:21:33
(6 years ago)


20-11-2012 18:10:57
(21 hours ago)
Yeah i know 3 countries beat up the terrible noobs of Lituania right?

lol tsrug soo you need 3 countries to beat up (terrible) noobs?

21-11-2012 14:47:03
(6 years ago)

Pippis Pappa Sir, you're brainless -.o

21-11-2012 13:12:09
(6 years ago)

Map says different things than you do

21-11-2012 13:07:40
(6 years ago)

Job Invites

21-11-2012 12:22:54
(6 years ago)


This is very funny

21-11-2012 11:59:58
(6 years ago)

I don't get this article.

21-11-2012 10:02:04
(6 years ago)

Thats just what u said +1 too before N3oDas ... lol

21-11-2012 1:20:22
(6 years ago)

troll art

20-11-2012 21:00:11
(6 years ago)

Pippis Pappa Very funny Mr. Clown, very funny.

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