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Good Bye! (Old article)
Posted 6 years ago by

Hello Everyone!

I suppose this is the last article I’ll ever write in this game. We all met on the 6th of September 2011 when e-Sim started, a totally new game that was a bit different from eRep. A lot of people registered as because it was different: no gold buying, different formulas and a new system.

Soon after the game started, I joined the Game Operator Team. I have to say it wasn’t the easiest situation, I managed to come through. I guess some of you will dislike me for that since I’ve banned, fined, deleted articles/comments/shouts and so on... Over the whole time, I had ups and downs as SGO and GO. Though it was great, I think I’ve learned over the time and got better at many qualities.

After 8 months of being a staff, I decided to go for Country President of Swiss. It lasted for 2 months, though during that time, a lot of downs occurred. After that, I also left the team permanently. However, in my opinion I have succeeded with over 4500 accounts banned for breaking the laws by me. After the 2 month term I have joined Guerilla and I suppose became a 2 click due to lost interest as well as there wasn’t much to do.

Today we have 2 separate servers, which in my opinion, will make players lose interest in playing on the old one, and I’m not going to move to the new one where players have reached congress by making multies in most cases. Apart from that, I’m going on holidays to Greece tomorrow and then straight back after school starts. A completely new program with higher requirements as well as difficulties. Therefore I have decided it would be better for my future if I’d quit e-Sim so that it won’t take any more of my time.

On the day 357 my story ends in here, and officially I’d like to say Good Bye and Good Luck to everyone!


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Comments (107)
08-10-2014 21:01:29
(4 years ago)


04-11-2013 14:08:11
(5 years ago)

A piece of history... I'm happy to have read this.

25-07-2013 14:49:47
(5 years ago)

ITS REALLY SAD INDEED. If you Came Back Contact me

28-09-2012 18:09:31
(6 years ago)


30-08-2012 10:09:19
(6 years ago)


6 september 2011 - 26 august 2012


29-08-2012 1:52:31
(6 years ago)

[LG] New server fail

29-08-2012 1:52:05
(6 years ago)

I think never, not at least one art in e-sim atricles histroy produce such happiness *joke* Good luck with school, man.

29-08-2012 1:40:26
(6 years ago)

good luck irl

29-08-2012 0:26:33
(6 years ago)

Bye Bye

28-08-2012 23:24:48
(6 years ago)

خداحافظ عزیزم

28-08-2012 23:13:56
(6 years ago)

Die in hell.... i joined day 10 but i will play till the end of game or my life

28-08-2012 22:09:08
(6 years ago)

Scandinavia and the World 3

28-08-2012 20:36:40
(6 years ago)


28-08-2012 19:32:50
(6 years ago)

fakirlere para at sevaba gir bari

28-08-2012 18:12:58
(6 years ago)

a good experience it was
good luck in RL!

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