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[EDIT!] FREE STUFF FOR YOU (Old article)
Posted 6 years ago by

Fellow eSim Players,

I am leaving the game, I have already handed out some stuff, but I still got some sh*t laying around. If you did not get anything and believe you deserve it, because you helped me back in the day OR you do not know me, but you really just have to complete your equipment, upgrade a company etc., send me a PM and I might just help you.
Just do not elaborate, please : )


PS. Subs appreciated, more gold to give away can't hurt. ; )


First of all - This is not a prank article, like some of you might think.

Vast majority and most precious items went to my friends, but I have also handed out gold as well as decent q3 items to people I have not ever met before. Maybe some of them will confirm that in the comments below Thank you for your subs, it was always 10g more on both servers.
I thought that I would get like 40-50 messages, especially considering the fact that there was a lot of phony articles of this kind in the past, but reality surpassed my expectations, in the first 2-3 hours yesterday evening it was about 100 messages at Primera and more than 150 at Secura. Now it makes up to approx +250*** and +350 respectively.Surprisingly I hardly got any PMs from my fellow countrymen.

*** That's from the last ~22 hrs: http://prntscr.com/11awan and there was +200 new ones at Secura.

I was not that rich, therefore (yesterday) after giving away the equipment I sent 1-2g to about half of you and then 0.5g to a few more and before 1:00 in-game time I ran out of resources. So it basically was first come, first served. Some of you guys did not get anything, but I thought this would be better than sending 0.5g or less to everyone I would love to help you all, but that was not possible.
I did not really care about your in-game nationality or affiliations of any kind, I took into account your activity, that means your damage and Super Soldier Medals to played days ratio, I also rather put aside more wealthy players, Generalissimi and Imperial Generalissimi with full q5 eq (yes, I know that contrary to popular belief it does not necessarily have to be "fair".

I would like to think that I did not omit any of my friends, I am sorry if I forgot about you.

I am going to log in 2 more times at Secura to snatch that 8th Super Soldier medal, but this is for a friend.

Wish you all good luck in the game and have fun.


Do not be surprised, when I ran out of money I decided to borrow some more from a few guys including you, and while at it I also voted and subbed my paper. Hope you are not mad.


Seems like Canadians are now getting back from work/school:
but unfortunately I already got rid of everything.


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(6 years ago)


20-04-2013 21:31:24
(6 years ago)


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(6 years ago)


20-04-2013 18:08:36
(6 years ago)

V + S

20-04-2013 17:50:03
(6 years ago)

powodzenia Agent_T i mam nadzieję do następnego
v+s ofc

20-04-2013 16:33:20
(6 years ago)


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(6 years ago)


20-04-2013 11:41:42
(6 years ago)

Need new MU

20-04-2013 10:46:50
(6 years ago)

An article with 8 months and you have only 1494 votes? LoL

20-04-2013 10:45:38
(6 years ago)


20-04-2013 9:43:19
(6 years ago)

You don't gave me anything.

20-04-2013 8:24:57
(6 years ago)

sub and voted

20-04-2013 8:14:38
(6 years ago)

v1485 s 1214

20-04-2013 4:17:40
(6 years ago)

So good luck.

20-04-2013 2:21:57
(6 years ago)

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