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[MoHa] War is still here! (Old article)
Posted 7 years ago by
United Kingdom Org    

Ladies and gentlemen!

Recently there hasnt been a lot going on in the United Kingdom with regards to war, and i shall explain why.

Due to our situation with our Allies, Mainly Ireland and the USA along with Sweden, We cant really go anywhere without creating a problem.

People may say create a war, Start a RW somewhere, and in all honesty I would love to be able to.

Im proud to announce the United kingdom have got you some free transport!

The United Kingdom Org is giving free Q1 tickets (x2) to citizens that want them, At this current moment in time, this is our best offer.

The tickets enable you to move anywhere at a cost of -40HP, This will then enable you to fight using the food and gifts you have, Remember the XP gainned via fighting once you moved makes up for the XP lose!

I can assure you we are doing the best we can to find a viable way of regular wars in the UK.

Also due to the ticket scheme i am looking for ticket suppliers to be contracted to the Government, If you want to see what its all about send a PM to MortaIbeta or United Kingdom Org .


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